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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Erykah Badu’s Entrancing Tiny Desk Concert Series!!!

Thee inimitable and truly uncomparable  R&B queen goddess Erykah Badu has always unleashed musique on her own waves throughout her illustrious 25-year career. Whenever she feels like it, she does it. A mantra that lives within the light of all authentic like artists. There is no light switch when it comes to honest creativity.

Although Erykah hasn’t felt like releasing any nuevo musique as of late since her crazy sexy cool stellar 2015 mixtape "But You Can't Use My Phone." But alas we don't need any new musique from Badu in order for her to partake in  a new web series of "Tiny Desk Concerts." The video recording is used for artists who usually are looking to hype up new musique. But again when you're an artist like Erykah, you do what you do when you feel like doing it. So she just felt like doing one. So she did.

Badu’s Tiny Desk Concert included oldies but goodies all across the board. Plushly she opened with the soulful “Rimshot,” from her classic first record Baduizm. And then she worked out a pensive yet beautiful version of “Green Eyes,” from her follow-up, 2000’s Mama’s Gun. There's a bunch of lovely delovely jazz instrumentation hyped up behind her adding only brownie points to thee whole arrangement.

Something you should make a point to do at some point in your life gals and gents is watch a sunset standing over a Malibu cliff or catching a live performance of Erykah Badu.  Dig out all the soulful yumminess right below!

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