Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Big Freedia, Lizzo Bring Bring Bingo Hall To ‘Karaoke’ Musique Video

The fun sunny musique video for Big Freedia and Lizzo's dancey duet, “Karaoke” brought all the bounce and ounce anthems for hip-hip generations to come. Beach and the bingo hall are the themes in the clip which was filmed in Los Angeles and Freedia’s hometown, New Orleans.

The sugar-rush vibe of the song parrs impeccably with Lizzo’s belting her catchy chorus hook. “Working with Lizzo in L.A. on this video was a career highlight,” Big Freedia said spilled. “Her energy was exactly what I needed to get this track to come to life.”

Big Freedia unleashed her record "3rd Ward Bounce" back in June so it's a splendid surprise to get some visuals from miss thang herself now in August. Now without further ado, do the do and press play below!

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