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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Lenny Kravitz's Nuevo "5 More Days Til Summer" Is All That!

Leave it up to Rock n Roll King legend Lenny Kravitz to let loose a sleek and bouncy fun tune entitled "5 More Days Til Summer," the newest track from his upcoming album #RaiseVibration. Its easy breezy, midsummer nights like vibe is a butterball of yummy goodness. Give it one play and it's on you like honey.

Lenny is gearing up for the release of his upcoming album Raise Vibration. Kravitz recently revealed that he’d struggled with writer’s block as he tried to focus on his 11th LP. spilling: “I really wasn’t sure where I was going musically. After doing this for 30 years, I wasn’t feeling it. I’d never felt that confused about what to do, and it was kind of a scary place. You don’t know when it’s going to come.”

As he continued, "one night I woke up with a song idea in my head and immediately set about recording it. The same thing happened during subsequent nights. I realized, ‘This is it,’” Kravitz said. “This is what I’d been waiting for. And once I started that process, the floodgates opened and it all started coming out me. I dreamt the whole record.”

There you have it honey rockers. Sometimes genius takes patience. Sometimes it hits like a lightning bolt. Sometimes you just never know.

Without further ado get your boogie boots on and let's get to it! Hit play and get ready to dip and do it. Perfect for your drive along the highway coast or at home sipping on a tall glass of lemonade, turn the beat up and get into the groove with Lenny and his bangin' sweet tune,  "5 More Days Til Summer"

It ain't over till its over or at least until WE say its over. Now, Lenny shows us his most prized possessions, including Muhammad Ali's boots from his final fight, Jimi Hendrix's setlist from Woodstock, a James Brown's jumpsuit from his performance, John Lennon's sweater that Yoko Ono gave Lenny, and a photo of the first concert Lenny went to, The Jackson 5 performing at Madison Square Garden! If that ain't enough then we don't know what is.

Hit play on all thee treasures below!

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