Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Shawn Mendes "Nervous" Musique Video!

The Shawn Mendes promo train continues chugging along oh so swiftly with his latest release of current single "Nervous". Thee original clip takes a stripped back, denim on black-and-cream-esque approach. Shawny teased and eventually unveiled thee widescreen visual on his social media.

The horizontal video uses the same footage as the vertical one he first released a couple weeks back. Mendes strums and sings away his guitar as a pair of anonymous female jazz hands tries to get up on Shawn's kettle!

Despite his lack of wardrobe choices and performance attire, Mendes has an undeniable starboy talent and charming likeability that has him arguably on top of the male pop world right now (we kid Bruno, we kid Marteen.)

Alas just as we reported all last week, man wonder Mendes just finished up a four-night residency on The Late Late Show With James Corden opening the floodgates to a top charting #1 album on the prestigious Billboard 200.

Scope out the "Nervous" video below!

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