Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Meghan Trainor - "Let You Be Right" Musique Video!!!

Superstar pop kitten Meghan Trainor doesn't want to frown or have any dra-ma-ma tonight, but she does wanna shake a tailfeather unleashing another visual piece following the smash single "No Excuses" off her highly anticipated upcoming third studio album. The songwriter announced today that a musique video for her tune  "Let You Be Right" had arrived upon planet earth.

Trainor plays with bold kaleidoscope-like, ethereal-airy-dreamsicle moods. Changing through a variation of leisure athletic wear. Her threads are quite indicative of the sleek choreography she finds herself immersed in throughout the duration of the video.  She struts and strikes a pose with a girl gang shining beside a timeless disco ball prop which always makes everything 110 times better. A funky pop ditty impeccably upbeat with a positive peace of mind mentality and groovy attitude.

Get it right, get it right, get it tight yall. Press play if you wanna get happy,  and let us be right when we tell you, "Let You Be Right" has all the right feels waiting for you right below!

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