Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Make Mama Proud - "Portal"

Allow us to introduce you honey rockers to saucy Argentinian duo MAKE MAMA PROUD! They're multi-instrumentalists comprised of producer and vocalist Daiana Azar and Guillermo Porro. Both earthlings provide lyrics, bass, drums, harmonies, synths, guitar licks, & engineering. MAKE MAMA PROUD hail from Buenos Aires and formed in 2015.

Combining an array of loosey-goosey eclectic musical styles ranging from Trip Hop, Hip Hop, Synth-Rock, indie-electro-pop. The duo has been quoting saying the following about their music, "Combinando instrumentos, estilos e idiomas para crearcanciones únicas. Perro el principalmente... WE MAKE SONGS."

Consider this band el nuevo sonido del Rock en espanol. Translation, these guys are snatching wigs and taking no prisoners. Theire new tune "Portal" is unique and texturized to the boiling point that'll get your feet movin' and groovin'. Press play below and get ready tp cross-over to a whole nother dimension!

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