Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Gilligan Moss - Want U So Bad Official Musique Video Has Arrived For Our Visual Feast!

Last we spoke about NY musicians Gilligan Moss, we premiered a stellar new tune from them. Now we ecstatically embrace their newly unleashed musique video for “Want U So Bad”. It's a very funky and groovy mid-tempo dance song perfectly laid over a yummy baseline and a throwback disco-pop glaze. We'd declare its perfect to chill out too or drive along the coast too.

The group's duo, Evan, and Ben released the following about the project:

“What we’re doing with the project is to look to the capital C – cool club music, – realm but also to what’s happening on the radio, what’s happening in pop,” explains Evan, citing Jamie xx as an influence. “It’s about finding ways to bring worlds together and make music that can exist in the club, and at home, and be played in a pop format. Fusing those things together is what our ultimate goal is on this EP.”

Dig out the tune below honey rockers!

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