Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Die Antwoord – “Alien” Feat. The Black Goat Musique Video

Sounding like a beautiful dark twisted fantasy intertwined with a music instrumental composition influence from believe it or not 1997's drama animated Anastasia. The always eccentric and intense South African rap duo Die Antwoord have returned! Taking a slower mid-tempo approach to things,  “Alien,” is a tune randomly released from their 2016 album, "Mount Ninji And Da Nice Time Kid."

The song itself is recorded entirely by cutie-patootie Yolandi Visser. It has her signature misfit hip-hop nu-dance vibe but astoundingly brings for the first time to the table a vulnerable and sensitive sincere side we're not accustomed to seeing from Yolandi.

DJ Muggs disguised as the featured  "The Black Goat," assists sonically his haunting melodies and intriguingly enough is an original mastermind behind the ginormously well-known group Cypress Hill. Like we always say, random duets create random magic sometimes.

Ninja, thee other lead member directs the video, who might we add plays a rather sexy mean looking diner cook! Turning the lyrical content quite literal, Yolandi tells a story about an alien creature who can’t fit into a desolated Detroit landscape where she finds herself alone.

Another quick fun trivia, Ninja and Yolandi Visser’s teenage daughter Sixteen Jones shows up as well.

Dig out all thee alluring enchanting drama/fantasy fun below!

Music instrumental composition influence as we referred too at the top of the article! Because we are music connaisseurs and we know you loyalists are our kinda people. Press play, pick up your conductors baton and feel the sound of music below...

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