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Alessia Cara Struggles But Proves Courageuously Honest Into Adulthood In Her New 'Growing Pains' Musique Video!

Alessia Cara has returned! Struggling but courageously manifesting into adulthood Alessia has dealt with some ups and downs like any rising pop star does in the industry. With praise comes hate unfortunately so. After winning her best new artist trophy at this year's Grammy Award's there was an immediate backlash with industry and fans alike agreeing that fellow nominee SZA was more deserving of the accolade,

Alessia later cleared up the distaste in an interview stating the obvious, it was not in her control who was to win at The Grammys. Thus, she did accept the award and said as a little girl dreamt of one day winning thee award. She also noted that she's worked her little tail off like the next person nominated. A damn right you have, Moana!

The treatment in her new video finds her thrust into adulthood where director Alan Masferrer, precisely assimilates extensive choreography used to depict the process of growing up. Cara is first seen holding a bouquet of flowers on a tarp like thing. She's wearing an oversized T and walks through a gathering of earthlings in suits playing child-like hand-clapping games.

The gentlemen in suits throw Cara around, bending her backward and caring her to an examination table via wheelchair. Eventually, she finds herself underwater and ends up wearing the ginormous suit herself.

Cara's as-yet-untitled sophomore album was written solely by Cara. "I really thought it'd be cool to have a nice challenge to see if I can write something, like a whole project, on my own," she told in a press release. "It's something that I wanted to see if I could do."

Without further ado, press play for all thee astounding aesthetics of  Alessia Cara's new musique video "Growing Pains".

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