Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Kylie Minogue Rings In Her 50th Birthday Saluting Us All With “Golden” Musique Video!

We are celebrating Pop Icon and all around original sex supreme Miss Kylie Minogue's 50th Bday! To mark the milestone, Kylie rang in her festivities saluting us all with her "Golden" musique video, a new visual off her most recent country-pop inspired album with the same namesake. Co-written with Grammy-winning songwriter Liz Rose (from our fave counrty tune“Girl Crush”)

Kylie declares, “We’re not young, and we’re not old. We’re the stories not yet told… we are golden.”

The video directed by Colin Solal Cardo, has Kylie frolicking in an array of glamorous ensembles singing and side-stepping along the ocean. Looking like a film reel from a fashion shoot Kylie has and will always be invariably stunning seductive and savage. Nowadays sexy is used loosely but here's to thee original sex supreme on her very glorious day!

Psst, because you all are our kind of people, below are the songs beautiful and privileged lyrics that only those born visceral will comprehend:

"Your feet move just like a dancer
Your soul beats just like a drum
Tomorrow has all the answers
Today says we've just begun

Don't you feel the sun on your face?
Hopeful hearts of the human race
Wrapped in the arms of love

We're golden
Burn like the stars
Stay golden
Straight from the heart
We're the voice that'll never give in
Getting knocked down, back up again
We're golden, golden
That's who we are

Live your life like you're stealing
Every little moment in time
Infinity goes on forever
Lay your life on the line

We're not young, and we're not old
We're the stories not yet told
Won't be bought and can't be sold
We are golden."

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