Franz Ferdinand's Playful New 'Glimpse of Love' Video

The latest Franz Ferdinand album is the gift that keeps on giving. After a decade-plus in the rock n roll industry, Franz are still more than ever as fun fresh and creative in their dance-rock inventive ways. Their tongue in cheek nuevo musique video is as bantery yet highly choreographed with a spoonful of sugar. It reminds us of 1960's bands such as The Monkees, Sonny & Cher, The Animals, etc.

Although Franz Ferdinand is very much an entire entity in their own right. After a long absence, we've been entangled with love strings since the first single Always Ascending. Their new dance-influenced record made with Cassius member and Phoenix collaborator Philippe Zdar.

Directed by Alice Kunisue,  the boys are on a farm somewhere, spending q and t  with local animals while no narrative or greater meaning really plays as a motif. It is a joyous cinematic cut.

 “Glimpse Of Love” is another perfect chapter to add to their most recent musical journey.  It's is endearingly goofy, endearingly punk, endearing adoring, forever endearingly our mates Franz Ferdinand.

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