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Friday, January 26, 2018

Lisa Kudrow Delivers All The Funny On Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Lisa Kudrow is one of those easy breezy funny sassy girls who unapologetically is herself one hundred percent. She floated through the Jimmy Kimmel Live studios yesterday promoting her new gig over at "Grace and Frankie" headquarters on Netflix!

Spilling the tea kiddas about the time when she was under the same roof as legendary actress Jane Fonda star of Grace and Frankie and didn’t recognize her while at a deli. With her family in tow, Kudrow giggled to Jimmy, " I noticed a beautiful woman sitting next to us. I thought, ‘See if you start taking care of yourself, you might have a shot of looking OK later on,’” Lisa sprightfully said. “I’m not good with facial recognition.”

Then Lisa recounts how thee entire scenario metamorphosized into even more awkward moment on the Netflix show! Jane was sly to call her out about the restaurant run-in saying, “You didn’t say hello.” Lol...Lisa also chatted about being an overprotective momma hen, her son going to University and uncovers why she didn't decorate his dorm room!

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