Video Premiere Petite Meller - The Flute

Petite Meller delivers happiness in her new video for the single "The Flute." Filmed in Mongolia the Perisian doll rides with the locals in another great video from collaborators  A.T.Mann and Napoleon Habeica.

Petite explains her new video - "The flute is a journey inspired by "The Rite of Spring", the outrageous 1913 Russian Ballet of Stravinsky and Nijinsky,
the movie "Mongol", and "The Sound of Music".

To film, me and my team rode into the Mongolian hills of Genghis Khan
by truck and horseback, where I follow the sound of the Flute.

In the story as in life, it is the music that uplifts me and leads me on my way.
In "The Flute" video I travel after the sound I created in the studio with Swedish prouducer Jocke Ahlund.
Its always in the studio where I start to visualize how my songs can come to life,
then with my team, we travel all over the world to create those lil' realities.

In the flute, its a picture of a blushed Monglian girl which I connected with,
cause of a traumatic sunburn i had as a child.
In my teens i started putting on the blush to mark the memory of the pain, i felt as alien,
but as an artist this mark is now an identity.

Wear your trauma proudly. Find your tribes".

Ride a raindeer below!

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