Friday, April 22, 2016

Gwen's "Misery" On The Voice!

This song is like drugs to me kiddas, and im so into it totally! Miss Gwenie Gwen-Gwen performs her newest single, "Misery" on The Voice. Right after the 2:00 minute mark kiddas, you can see Blake Shleton's face beam with pride as he doesn't miss a beat watching his lovely lady's every move as she sashay's her way across the NBC produced stage.

Gwen also reprises her Native American influenced hair do that saw a bit of controversy in her once upon a time music video "Looking Hot" with former band mates No Doubt. Never one to allow shady haters to stop her pioneering, trendsetting ways, Gwen puts all us viewers out of our "misery" with her latest shiny, superbly finessed, poptastic tune!

ET Coverage.

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