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Sky Ferreira And Primal Scream Let The Light In!

Sky Ferreira returns with a banger alongside legendary Scottish indie-pop group Primal Scream on their collaborative effort "Where The Light Gets In.” As we impatiently wait for Sky's second album "Masochism" to be unleashed, this yummy new treat has our ears and disco toes bopping away. This psychedelic synth-wavey number, similarly echoes Ferreira's impeccable and one of the most stellar pop albums to come out in years, "Night Time, My Time."

Singer Bobby Gillespie and Skyjump back and forth spewing lyrics of infatuation and desire. Complete with pulsating guitar strings, the musqiue video itself, is a cherry on top of the sundae for all us underground glam rock kids. This new tune is off Primal Scream’s Chaosmosis, out March 18th!

Ferreira said this about the collaboration...

"The reason I like working with them is because there's absolutely no pressure. It's nice to walk in somewhere and they're not like, 'Okay, your label is harassing me about this and that.' I set it up without anyone else involved, so we just sit and write in a room and there's no pressure. It's also just really cool talking to [Bobby Gillespie]! Jesus and Mary Chain [Gillespie's former band] is one of my favourite bands ever, so at first I was a little nervous. It’s really nice to meet with someone and not be disappointed by it, to have them meet every expectation."

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