ItsNotYouItsMe Album Spin - Fleur East

British singer and runner-up on 2014's X-Factor season, Fleur East makes a bulldozing debut making us here at the office instant ganders. Srutting, dancing, and straight up cutting a rug all the while singing live, Fleur delivers a signed sealed delivered memo to ALL contemporary pop starletts shining oh so bright currently on the Billboard charts and radio airplay. They should be shaking in their furry boots.

Fleur has a fire in her that resonates 100 on stage. Complete with a back-up band including an electrifying horn section and dancers in her act, keeping every choreographed move on point, its no doubt that this is only the commencement of something interesting unraveling in thee Showgirl/Pop musique game right now! Without Further Ado, get those boogie beat spaceboots and press play on all our favorite tunes off Fleur East's debut record, "Love, Sax and Flashbacks"...


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