Saturday, November 7, 2015

Vocal Geniuses At Work & Play. The Kelly Clarkson And Josh Groban "All I Ask Of You" Edition

Vocal prodigy and one of the greatest singers of our time, Kelly Clarkson portrays the character role of thee eponymous Christine from thee Phantom Of The Opera. Joining Josh Groban on stage for his live PBS special singing the iconic "All I Ask of You", he impeccably introduced Kelly by saying,

"She's got the most beautiful voice that I've wanted to sing with for ages and when I was gonna record this song I knew this duet had to be recorded in a very very special way and it had to be recorded with a very special singer shes one of the most versatile singers that i've ever heard, she is one of the greats..." And boy is she ever kiddas. Complete with beautiful sparkling chandeliers and theatrical smoke as their backdrop, sit-back and let the power of real singing swoon you to love.

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