Carly Rae Jepsen - Your Type Musique Video!

In the world of pop musique, it is sometimes frustrating having to put the brakes on bandwagon followers and guide them to smell the fresh bloomed roses. This is where, we here, at ItsNotYouItsMe use the phrase spoon-fed. Unfortanutely it is not normally until an artist catapults to the top of the charts that a recording artist then sees the recognition and revered accolades. Not always are they genuinely deserving.

One of our main goals in our 6 years of pioneering contemporary-renaissance blogs, is to serve you our longtime and cherished readers, the best of the best, in thee most authentic and unfiltered way. Carly Rae Jepsen serves as a perfect example in this case. Jepsen's 2015 release of "EMOTION" displays a ginormous dosage of sunny, shimmery dance-pop, electronic tunes that nobody is doing better than Carly Rae right now this year in pop musique.

EMOTION as a whole body of work is really the bees knees. You may have found Jepsen before somewhat errr lightweight? But this record is jam-packed with some of thee most affecting pop songs. There's an article i read somewhere that called it a best friend that makes you feel alive. Perfectly depicting how I feel about it. It blows my knickers that it hasn't received more promotional airplay and media coverage.Though It will definitely make our Best Of The Year list.

In her new video for her current single,"Your Type," Carly gets a visit from the sleep monster and falls into a slumber on a bench, has her headphones robbed and sings to a bored and desolate karaoke joint. However, Carly uses her imagination becomes a pop star in this once upon a time like theme. Going from mysterious to concluding with a deep-voiced radio host saying, "you need your imagination in order to survive," which we couldnt agree more with. There are outfit swaps, vanity visits, make-up seshes, good ol' glitter, and a Cinderella-esque double life (which Jepsen starred Broadway's Cinderella) what more could you pop lovin' kiddas want!

An underrated album, but here ye! here ye! to all casual listeners! Never judge a book by its cover and certainly not this play and as always indulge kiddas.

And there you have it folks, you need your imagination in order to survive...

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