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If you missed the Grammy Red Carpet then you missed the great showing of Sia and dancer Maddie Ziegler in a great look that has caught the pair even more attention. Check out the story below from

Maddie Ziegler is becoming a bit of an "It" girl before she's even gone through puberty, and I'm not afraid to say that I like her a lot more than some of the other It girls out there in the world. I mean, she loves beauty and she already knows how to pose in a fashion editorial, plus she seems relatively down to earth.

When I saw her walk the red carpet at the Grammys with Sia wearing those huge wigs -- and then witnessed that mind-glowing performance with Kristen Wiig -- I had a few questions. Ziegler was kind enough to send through some email responses (and I'm pretty sure she was up waayyyyy past her bedtime!) about her Grammys experience.

Do you know where the wig came from?

It was a custom made wig styled by my hair stylist Tonya Brewer. Tonya used a crimper and Oribe styling products. [Ed. note/Update: The wig that Sia wore was custom made by Mishelle Parry. She gives us the scoop below on how it came about.]

Was the wig itchy or hot? How did it feel?

when I'm dancing it gets a little hot, but it's good most of the time.

Did you do your own makeup for the Grammys? No, my makeup artist Tonya Brewer does my makeup and puts my wig on.

Who designed your outfit and shoes?

Custom Armani Junior and George Esquivel shoes. Would you normally rather wear a dress or pants?

Usually for red carpet events I wear dresses but I loved my custom Armani Junior ensemble!

Who were you most excited to meet at the Grammys?

Sam Smith! He was so nice to stop and chat with me. I'm a big fan of his!

Best Grammys moment?

Definitely performing with Sia and Kristen Wiig.


Mishelle Parry, the hair stylist who designed Sia's larger-than-life wig, reached out to Fashionista on how it came to be: "I color and cut [Sia's] and her husband's hair, so we got to talking. It was her husband's idea to create an over-exaggerated version of her normal wig. I just executed the idea/vision. It was exciting to sew hair in that manner -- a whole new avenue for me to explore with my craft. I didn't know it would become such a statement!"

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