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Friday, December 26, 2014

Tony Bennett And Lady Gaga Do Christmas

Tony Bennett And Lady Gaga should get an awards for most TV performances this year in support of their Duets album Cheek To Cheek because here is another performance this time on Good Morning America with the holiday Standard "Winter Wonderland."

It may be a day after Christmas now but this has still got us feeling festive.

Sergei Polunin by Jacob Sutton | Numéro Homme

 Ukrainian ballet dancer Sergei Polunin is photographed by Jacob Sutton and styled by Jean Michel Clerc for the latest issue of Numéro Homme magazine. Courtesy of - Homotography

Michel Pinheiro by Jeff Segenreich

 Brazilian model Michel Pinheiro at 40º Models is photographed by Jeff Segenreich (Salt Mgt) and styled by Nathalia Cherem (Salt Mgt). Courtesy of - Homotography

Boys by Petr Jandera

 Photography by Petr Jandera | Styling by Lukáš Macháček. Courtesy of - Homotography

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Love And Wishes!

From all of us here at we wish you the best this Christmas Day and hope Santa brings you your favorite Gareth Pugh, Tiffany and Dior ;)

Put up a splash of Christmas spirit
Put in a dash of love
Stir up the sounds ‘till you can hear it
Sing out to those you love

Christmas, Christmas, you can fill me
Up with Christmas cheer
Christmas, Christmas, you fulfill my
Spirit every year

Toss up a mash of extra magic
Toss in a batch of love
Let up the lights with random logic
Look out for sleighs above

Santa, Santa, can I have it
Please I’ve been so good
Santa, Santa, please I beg you
Please oh if you would

Get up a clash of Christmas color
Get in a catch of love
Set up and show the shiny decor
Shout out with Christmas love

No One Hit Wonder Here Kiddas!

As 2014 comes to a closing, Kiesza proves that being a one-hit wonder has no business being in her neighborhood of related synonyms. Her follow-up to her world smash hit "Hideaway," demonstrates Kiesza's transcendent year, ubiquitously leaving her signature "sound of a woman" (whoaaah like that assimilation kiddas) over the pop and dance charts.

Now, we take a gander at a performance of "Giant In My Heart" where Kiesaza was invited to perform for "Fader" and Reebok Classic’s Coast To Coast shindig in NYC. Giving a behind-the-scenes rehearsals glimpse at her now classic shimmy and shaking dance moves,  she spills everything from her upbringing to her eccentric and multi-faceted musical inspirations we she was just a little tadpole.


Nicki Minaj Is A Hot97 Talker

Nicki Minaj gets the new album release treatment on New York's Hot97 radio show speaking on her career, end of her teenage born relationship, Rihanna and Beyonce collabs and of course her new album The Pink Print out now.

Get to know Onika below.

Nicki's latest appearance on Ellen.

Nicki on Watch What Happens Live!

Nick on Raps With Shaq & Inside the NBA Cast.

On The View.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Here at Fashionista, our music tastes differ greatly — the best day of Tyler's year was when One Direction's new album dropped and the worst day of mine was when I found out I missed seeing Diplo deejay at two parties during New York Fashion Week — but we all generally agree that certain industry talents are far more stylish than others. This year was a particularly good one for women in pop music, with the likes of Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande putting out hit after hit — and videos to go along with them that were as much a feast for the eyes as they were for the ears.

In the spirit of the year coming to a close, we've rounded up the most fashionable music videos we saw in 2014, complete with model cameos, couture gowns, "Clueless" references and the kind of batshit crazy imagery that only fashion obsessives can truly appreciate. Read on to watch all of our picks in full. Enjoy!


Let's start with the most obvious, shall we? This beautiful video, filmed at Oheka Castle in Long Island, primarily features Swift running around with male model Sean O'Pry while wearing gowns by Oscar de la Renta, Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana and more. Things go way, way south in the end, but hey, at least everyone involved looks really pretty the whole time.


Iggy Azalea is without a doubt the most ubiquitous artist of the year, and her single "Fancy" is what really catapulted her to the top. The "Clueless"-inspired video that she and Charli XCX created to go along with the song is the perfect homage to every fashion girl's cult-favorite '90s flick, complete with a rotating closet, a plaid yellow skirt suit, a hopping Val party and knee socks galore. Did you really think this wouldn't end up on our list? As if!


Jenny Lewis (and her pastel rainbow suit) wrangled three of Hollywood’s most talented young actresses to dress up in dude drag, making it one of the most charming and hilarious music videos we’ve seen in a very long time. Kristen Stewart, Brie Larson and Anne Hathaway — along with drummer Tennessee Thomas — also double as Lewis's bandmates in the video, all dressed in very chic, retro white suits.


his video from the Haim sisters looks like it's from another era, which is primarily what we love about it. Este, Danielle and Alana each have a very distinct sense of style — from short shorts to Saint Laurent boots and leather jackets — and they're all showcased perfectly in this simple (yet extremely well choreographed) clip.

BEYONCÉ - "7/11"

This video from Beyoncé was sneakily released in late November and the Internet went wild. It basically depicts Queen B and her friends having a rowdy hotel slumber party and they look damn good while doing it. Not that should come as a surprise to anyone.


So, this one's a little nuts. Brooke Candy is already an icon in the more fashion-y corners of the Internet (think VFiles), and this Steven Klein-directed music video is a good demonstration of why. The fashion direction by Nicola Formichetti is predictably out there, with plenty of leather pieces by Diesel (of which he is creative director) and a handful of cult-favorite designers like Gareth Pugh, Delfina Delettrez and Vivienne Westwood. Also, so. many. crystals.


FKA Twigs has gotten plenty of love from the fashion community over the last couple of years, and this stunning video not only proves that she has incredible vocal talent, but that she also has a knack for visual imagery as well. Stills from this video could easily double as a fashion editorial.


OK, I'll be the first to admit that I don't really "get" Die Antwoord, but I really appreciate the pair's commitment to their craft. Their consistent weirdness has won the South African rap duo plenty of love from fashion insiders — they can always be spotted front row at Alexander Wang's Fashion Week shows — and their style is really like nothing else out there right now. This video for "Ugly Boy" is a great example of their goth-meets-urban-meets-raver aesthetic, and although it's captivating, it's very strange. Also, keep your eyes peeled for cameos from Cara Delevingne, Charlotte Free and Dita Von Teese.


Lady Gaga might be a full-on jazz artist at this point, but in the beginning of the year she released this gloriously campy music video of cinematic proportions (the original version has an 11-minute run time). Shot at Hearst Castle, the short film is heavily inspired by Greek mythology, and Gaga has a very Donatella Versace look about her throughout. It also features appearances from a number of the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," all decked out in matching pink dresses.


From a PR standpoint, rapper Azealia Banks hasn't had the best year (she should probably keep the Twitter rants and off-color slurs to a minimum in 2015), but this recently released video proves that she does have talent underneath all that attitude. In the black-and-white clip for "Chasing Time" — which recalls classic music videos like Michael and Janet Jackson's "Scream" and Jay Z's "On to the Next One" — Banks appears in a number of striking, futuristic outfits, one of which includes a very sparkly nipple pasty.


Fashion people love Banks and couldn't get enough of the young songstress when she hit the festival circuit earlier this year. She seemed to be playing to the style set from the beginning with her sultry voice and sophisticated aesthetic, and this video for her single "Drowning" is a good place to start if you're just beginning to dig in to her music.

Madonna Talks New Single And Album Leak To

The new era of Madonna will be an interesting one as the Pop Queen will give a new fight to internet thieves who have leaked new songs off her almost completed new album before it's call time.

It’s a rather large understatement to say that it’s been a crazy couple of weeks for Madonna.

On Tuesday night, more than 10 of the singer’s unreleased demo recordings turned up on the Internet, causing the singer and her team to go into “overdrive” to combat the stolen leaks. (“I haven’t slept in a week,” she says.) The songs were from the sessions for her forthcoming 13th studio album, which at the time, had not been announced (and is still not finished).

To counter the leak, Madonna accelerated the release of new music: On Friday night (Dec. 19), she announced that her album, Rebel Heart, would be released on March 10, 2015 through Interscope Records, and six of its tracks would become immediately available to purchase. Among those tracks are the set’s lead single, the Diplo-produced soul-meets-house jam “Living For Love.” How far ahead of schedule was the release? The single wasn’t supposed to premiere until Feb. 14, 2015.

The album — which features a collaboration with Nicki Minaj — is also available to pre-order, and has topped the iTunes Store's top albums tally in more than 40 countries, including the United States. She also dominated the real time Billboard + Twitter Trending 140 chart on Saturday night (Dec. 20), where two of the album’s songs (“Living For Love” and “Bitch, I’m Madonna”) were concurrently in the top three.

Billboard spoke to Madonna on Sunday morning via phone, to talk about her new album, its “chaotic” recording process, and how her day-to-day business has changed because of the leaks. She also discusses her fondness of Diplo (he’s a “badass”), a possible Grammy Awards performance, and how no one has ever called her an “Unapologetic Bitch."

Billboard: How are you doing? Madonna: I'm good. I'm good, I haven't slept in a week, but I'm good.

I can only imagine the week that you've had so far. Yeah. It's been a very intense couple of weeks.

Are you OK right now? As OK as you can be considering what's been happening? Yeah. I mean, you know, I'm not happy that unreleased demos are out there in the world for people to hear, listen, judge, etcetera, etcetera. Once that happened we went into overdrive. A) Trying to figure out where the leaks were coming from, and then B) Trying to combat that with putting out finished music that people could focus on versus demos that were never meant for anyone to hear. So, that led to no sleep.

Did at any point you turn to someone and say "Bitch, I'm Madonna," this shouldn't be happening to me? No. I said, "Shit, this is the age that we're living in." It's crazy. I mean, look at what's going on with Sony Pictures. It's just the age that we're living in. It's crazy times. The Internet is as constructive and helpful in bringing to people together as it is in doing dangerous things and hurting people. It's a double-edged sword.

Madonna Dismisses New Album Leak As 'Unfinished Demos Stolen Long Ago'

Since you said that they were stolen, has it changed how you are operating your day-to-day business? Obviously, you're trying to lock down more stuff, but I mean there's only so much you can do, considering everything is so virtual. Has it changed your day-to-day business with recording the album and making music? Well, we don't put things up on servers anymore. Everything we work on, if we work on computers, we're not on WiFi, we're not on the Internet, we don't work in a way where anybody can access the information. Hard drives of music are hand-carried to people. We don't leave music laying around. We have photo shoots or video shoots, and everyone has to leave their phone at the door. I mean, unfortunately, it sucks, but that's the way it is. That's how leaks happen.

It's so sucky. It is! Because I want to go to photo shoots and play my music really loud and dance to it, and celebrate it, and I can't.

We know crap leaks all the time, fine. But I mean, (this is) so much! You're so meticulous about how you plan things months in advance… Like you had in your head, "Alright, this how we're gonna roll out the single, this is how we'll roll out the album." And now, a huge wrench has been thrown into the proceedings. Has that pushed everything forward? Are you like, "Alright! Let's start promoting the single now!" Well, it's thrown us all into overdrive. We're having to think outside the box. Think on our feet. I didn't plan to put my record out this way. I wanted to… plan everything in advance. Release the single, shoot a video, start talking about my record. And you know, prepare for the release of the entire album and have everything set up just so. I mean, that's the kind of person I am. I think that's the best way to do it. But we sort of were left with no choice.

But there's still going to be a music video? Of course! I will do all of those things that I've planned to do. It's just, you know, people are now listening to six finished songs.

Continue over to for the rest of the Madonna saga.



Book me a trip to Spain! The new Dolce&Gabbana Summer 2015 Advertising Campaign has got us riding the bull with a beautiful spanish campaign and equally as amazing models doning the latest from the Italian luxury fashion house.

When campaign season rolls around this time of year, we always look forward to seeing Dolce & Gabbana's. In a sea of campaigns featuring serious or depressed-looking models and members of the Kardashian family, Dolce campaigns tend to feel a little more alive and have more of a narrative.

The Italian brand's summer 2015 campaign is no exception. It features Bianca Balti, Vittoria Ceretti, Irina Sharipova and Blanca Padilla (a new Victoria's Secret model) as the fashion matadors the designers sent down the runway back in September for their Spanish-influenced collection. In the print ads shot by Domenico Dolce, they're joined by an actual Spanish bullfighter, José Maria Manzanares, as well as a group of delightful, more mature ladies who beautifully showcase the brand's festive accessories.

- Via

Nick Jonas Get Jealous On Live with Kelly and Michael

Cutie pie Nick Jonas stops by number one morning talks show Live with Kelly and Michael to talk about the holidays, his great cable series Kingdom and the big Iggy Azalea tour coming up in 2015.

We'll see you at the show Nicki Poo!

Extra| Nick Jonas throwing in some choreography for his song "Teacher" at the Fine Line Music Cafe in Minneapolis

WHY NOT? by Luca Imbimbo

"Gytis G. and Samuel S. at Urban Models, Peter D. at I Love Models, Jozef G. at Fashion Models, Lasse and William at Boom Models, photographed by Daniel Rodrigues and styled by Paolo Sfarra, in exclusive for Fucking Young! Online." Make-up: Fashionvictimilano by Paolo Sfarra Hair: Hannette Woods

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