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Friday, March 14, 2014

Watching Horror Movies Will Posses You!

Before you go out and watch that Double X rated movie beware of demonic possesion! 

And be sure its not this movie!

Kylie Minogue at Facebook London

Pop darling Kylie Minogue sits down with Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs to discuss her career and her latest work in a live from Facebook chat.

Spin around below!

The Future Catwalk

Check out the interactive runway show from Barnaby Roper where you hit any letter keys on your keyboard to change up the video on your screen. Its pretty cool and boy did they shoot many looks!

Check out the video and stats below!
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The Future Catwalk on

Mirte Maas Walks an Infinite Runway in Barnaby Roper's New Interactive Story

Your keystrokes guide Mirte Maas’ epic strides through a series of psychedelic landscapes in Barnaby Roper’s user-controlled fashion experience. As the Dutch model marches, new digital sound, image and effects create 26 distinct and immersive environments, from a high-definition forest and a space-age desert landscape to kaleidoscopic moving collages. Each one corresponds to its own letter on your laptop or desktop keyboard, while mobile device users can enjoy the journey in a specially tailored short film.

The innovative piece marks a new level of complexity for the New York–based director, whose previous experiment on NOWNESS saw model Iris Strubegger multiply on screen as visitors’ commands combined to form a dark visual symphony. To create the mesmerizingly addictive Mirte, Future Catwalk, Roper collaborated with Tristan Bechet to compose a hypnotic, driving score that morphs to keep time to Maas’ motion. The model kept a steady pace on a treadmill for the better part of two shooting days, wearing boots by Rick Owens paired with pieces from Givenchy and Christopher Kane by stylist Tony Irvine. “I like the playfulness and the air of discovery; I like that the viewer has the choice and that I am not dictating to them how they should view it,” says Roper. “Most of all, I like the possibilities of where interactivity could and will go in the future.”


Time spent shooting: 2 days.

Time spent on treadmill: 10 hours.

Number of outfit changes: 6.

Time spent in post-production: 2 months.

Number of programmers: 2.

Lines of code: 400.

Keyboard letter with fewest steps: N (1.8). Keyboard letter with most steps: S (hundreds).

Total steps visible (excluding “S”): 779.8.

Credits: 1. Leather dress by Givenchy, skirt by Ann Demeulemeester, top and boots by Rick Owens, cape by Araks; 2. Coat, dress and boots by Rick Owens; 3. Leather dress by Givenchy, hooded top by Ann Demeulemeester; 4. Hat and mask by Rick Owens; 5. Top, dress and boots by Rick Owens; 6. Dress and boots by Rick Owens.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Video Premiere Lily Allen - Our Time

Lily Allen has released her 3rd single from the upcoming album Sheezus for "Or Time" and its got us getting some major pop candy flashbacks!

Directed by Christopher Sweeney, Allen resembles Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton in some back seat antics that has Allens acting chops in full swig.

Press play below and look out for Lily's Sheezus on May 5th!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Mariano Ontañon + David Agbodji Don the Summer Collections for Spanish GQ

The Collections–Photographer Giampaolo Sgura and stylist Miguel Arnau reunite once more for a vibrant fashion spread featured in the March issue of Spanish GQ, starring models Mariano Ontañon and David Agbodji. Focusing the attention on a series of standout looks from the summer collection of luxury labels, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Salvatore Ferragamo, Givenchy and many more, Sgura captures the models in a series of outdoor images, surrounded by colorful murals and neon lights. / Photography assistance by Filippo Tarantini. Styling assistance by Dfernando. Hair and makeup by Nabil Harlow. Courtesy of -


Tyler Riggs, Lucky Blue, Bradley Soileau + More for Flaunt

The Outsiders–Flaunt magazine goes the way of the bad boy with their latest style feature by photographer Guy Lowndes. Collaborating with stylist Zoe Costello, Lowndes captures Next Los Angeles models Tyler Riggs, Lucky Blue, Bradley Soileau, Dudley O’Shaughnessy and Ryan Porter in denim vests and jackets, contrasted against printed separates from the likes of Prada. Courtesy of -

Paul Boche Rocks Young Spring Styles for KaDeWe Magazine

 Beau Au Chateau–The current face of Kenzo, Fusion model Paul Boche stars in a new editorial for KaDeWe magazine. Showcasing a darker do than usual, Paul is captured in a luxurious surrounding by photographer Hadley Hudson. Creating a drastic contrast with the wardrobe, casual ensembles by stylist Niki Pauls that boast stripes and floral prints stand out against regal backdrops. Courtesy of -

Adrien Sahores, Bastiaan Van Gaalen + Rodolphe Zanforlini for Lui Magazine

 Salut les Copains–Premium models Adrien Sahores and Bastiaan Van Gaalen join Rodolphe Zanforlini for a spread from Lui magazine. Stylish friends for the day, the handsome trio connect with photographer Matthew Brookes. Heading out for an eventful occasion, the boys are styled in pieces from Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent and other labels pulled together by stylist Alexandra Bernard. Courtesy of -

Monday, March 10, 2014

Chelsea Handler Is Pissed On Paper Magazine

Late night TV's most notorious host Chelsea Handler is on the Spring 2014 cover of Paper Magazine where she serves up some real talk on her waitressing days, Fashion shows and more below.

On fashion shows:”I’m interested in looking good for me, but I’m not interested in going to a fashion show. It’s not real. I went once last year with a boyfriend. I was like, ‘This is the worst nightmare I could have ever been to.’ I was embarrassed to be there.”

On her waitressing days: “I was the biggest b—-h. I didn’t understand people who wouldn’t look you in the eye and tipped before tax. Do you have any idea the kind of tips I leave? How you make someone feel when they get a $100 tip on a drink?”

On her life now: “Life has become so ridiculous because I have access to such nonsense and I can go to these places. I’ve become so infantilized by having so many assistants — people who take care of you and pack for you and dress you. It just never stops. It’s very random nonsense but I’m glad to have it.”

For more on Miss Chelsea, visit!

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