Thursday, November 13, 2014

Video Premiere Azealia Banks - Chasing Time

After years of set backs Azealia Banks has finally officially released her album Broke With Expensive Taste. "Chasing Time" is the 3rd single from her debut album which features Bank's in a crisp black and white video amongst dancers which reminds us of some of the great pop videos from the late 90's.

We also must mention that this has been by far the most radio friendly track by Banks to date which we learned was her original labels choice for her 'hit' single. In an interview with, Banks noted that she made "Chasing Time" as a hit to please her label. "It got to a point where they [Interscope] were like, 'Azealia, we get it, you're cool, but we've spent $2 million on this record, can you just give us one [hit]?'" she said. "So then I did 'Chasing Time,' and I was just like, 'You know, this isn't gonna work out.' It was like that awkward point in a relationship where you're forcing yourself to have sex because you're like, 'We live here, we're sleeping in bed, it's awkward if we don't.'"

 Check out the Marc Klasfeld (Britney, Kelis) directed video below and dance along (as you may recognize the Peculator sample).

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