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Singer Annie Clark returns with her fourth, self-titled album, St. Vincent, and from top to bottom its a rousing experimental creation.  We have provided for your listening pleasure the standout of stand out tracks which one review of the album described as a mix between "happiness and madness." 

An interview with NPR describes her inffluence on one the intro track "Rattle Snake";

You start off this new record, basically, by taking your clothes off and running around the desert. It almost seems like a true story, the way it was written and sung.

ANNIE CLARK: It is, in fact, a true story. It's a song called "Rattlesnake." I was in far, far West Texas, at a friend of mine's cattle ranch, a place that's been in her family for years and years and years. And I was walking around, and I was alone, and I thought that it would elevate the experience to take my clothes off and be one with nature and all these things. Of course, I'm such a city girl that I don't know anything about nature without Google at my fingertips — but I was feeling inspired. So I took my clothes off, and I was having this commune with nature, when, all of a sudden, I heard something. I stopped and I thought, "Okay, maybe that's the wind. Maybe that's just a little squirrel scampering through the brush." And then I heard it again, and it was very distinct: It was a rattle. And I turned my head just slightly, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a rattlesnake. And I just took off running.

Great influence indeed but this album is sure to bite you in the butt and its infection is welcomed.

 Tune: Rattle Snake


Tune: Birth In Reverse


 Tune:Digital Witness


 Tune: I Prefer Your Love


 Tune: Bring Me Your Loves


 Tune: Pyscopath


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