Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Best TV Talk Show Of The 2014 (So Far...)

As read on the headline above...this is by far kiddas the best TV talk show interview of the year thus far!

Paloma Faith appears as the musical guest, and if you're no stranger to our pages, you should know that-that in itself would be swell enough for me. However, when you mix legendary actor Bill Murray (Lost in Translation, Ghostbusters,) and sexy dad, Matt Damon, its like having the best kick-back party with all of your friends telling thee most hilarious tells of tales!

 I am not exaggerating either kiddas. If I were than I must not forget to mention Paloma's hologram infused changing ensemble. Be ready to be entertained because this is truly a dream 'couch' true. Dig it out all below.

Part 1.

Part 2.


Part 3.

Part 4.

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