Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Gwen Stefani Launches New Clothing Line With Denim Guru

Momma to be for the 3rd time Gwen Stefani is set to debut another fashion line with 7 For All Mankind founder.

With two clothing lines, a rotating roster of collaborations, a third kid on the way and, sometimes, a music career, you would think Gwen Stefani probably has enough on her plate. But no, she’s decided to launch a new fashion project, which is actually a pretty big departure from her current mass-market ventures. (And, granted, she no longer designs for L.A.M.B., which also hasn’t shown in a few seasons.)

Stefani has teamed up with Michael Glasser, a former drug dealer and money launderer who went on to become a veritable denim guru, launching 7 For All Mankind, Citizens of Humanity, and Rich and Skinny. Now, with help from Stefani, he’s trying his hand at clothes that aren’t made of denim, but that are similarly versatile, based on knowledge gained from his time in the industry.

DWP, which stands for Design With Purpose, was almost a denim line until, Glasser told WWD, a Neiman Marcus buyer told him, “If you show me another five-pocket jean, I’m going to punch you.” The goal of DWP, he says, is to “take the pressure off denim” to be a store’s biggest profit-generator, since the denim market isn’t as hot now as it used to be. The focus of the line is a slouchy, cropped, tapered pant — a very Gwen Stefani silhouette. There are also tank tops, tees and motorcycle vests, some of which have a subtle rocker/borrowed-from-the-boys vibe — though many items are more like wardrobe basics that could work for anyone. It’s perhaps her first line that might appeal to people who don’t see her — or Japanese Harajuku girls — as their style inspiration.

The line, like a lot of denim, is made in a factory in Los Angeles. It’s also surprisingly affordable, given that: Prices range from $80 to $130 for the small, 18-piece collection. It’s set to hit stores in spring 2014, and Glasser expects up to $5 million to $8 million in sales this year. via fashionista.com

Gwen is also releasing an OPI nail polish line. Gurl is busy!


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