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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Musique Digs For You Kiddas: Part 40

You know the drill kiddas. Enter the musique of my soul which makes my character who I am (Pss, continue tipping me on your favorites. I adore that you dig my playlists but I like to hear every now and than what yall are listening to as well.) Here's the latest mix of indie-rock-pop-soul-funk (some remixed) tunes I currently have shuffling on my ipod. Indulge yourselves as always ladies and gentlemen...

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Band: Ra Ra Riot
Tune: Beta Love

Band: The Fall
Tune: Mountain Energy

Band: Atack Decay
Tune: This Is The New Wave

Band: Gin Wigmore
Tune: Kill Of The Night

Band: Mariah Carey
Tune: Almost Home

Band: Group Love
Tune: Everyone's Gonna Get High

Friday, April 12, 2013


 Hat Required–Decked out in a wardrobe inspired by the style of the gangsters from the 1920′s, DNA model Baptiste Giabiconi reunites with photographer Jack Waterlot for a story published in DSection’s latest issue. Styled by Andrew Holden in formal looks, including sartorial suits and textured jackets, the French model hits the streets of a modern city, wearing the designs of Dior Homme, Brioni, Emporio Armani and others. Silk ties and two-toned leather shoes complete Baptiste’s looks, but this season real key-item is definitely the large fedora hat, that adds a polished retro flavor to formal styles. / Grooming by Ingeborg. Courtesy of -

Brian Shimansky by Greg Swales | Sport Chic

Brian Shimansky at Soul Artist Management is photographed by Greg Swales and styled by Torian Lewin in the story 'Sport Chic' for the Spring/Summer 2013 issue of Dress To Kill magazine. Courtesy of - Homotography


 Smooth Sailing–Wearing pieces from Kris Van Assche’s spring/summer 2013 collection for French fashion house Dior Homme, models Simone Nobili (Independent Men) and Miks Kaidaks (Ford Europe), appear before the lens of Paolo Zerbini for a black & white spread published in the latest issue of Icon magazine. Collaborating once more with stylist Andrea Tenerani, Zerbini captures the young duo in Van Assche’s nautical-inspired minimalism, alternating slim two-piece suits with striped numbers or lightweight knitwear pieces. / Grooming by Valentino Perini. Courtesy of -

Timothée Bertoni by Chuando & Frey | Man on Top

 Model Timothée Bertoni at AVE Management is photographed by Chuando&Frey in 'Man on Top', the cover story of L'Officiel Homme Singapore Spring/Summer 2013. The editorial is styled by Jack Wang & Jumius Wong with hair by Rick Yang & Gary Low and makeup by Rick Yang & Seksan. Courtesy of - Homotography

Kelly Clarkson Is Black Lighted on Idol

Kelly Clarkson visits her training ground of American Idol to perform her 3rd and final single "People Like Us" from her Greatest hits album. As always the 32 year old singer sounds amazing and make sure to check out the end of the clip to see some girl talk between Mariah and Kelly.

Turn the black lights on!

[HD] Kelly Clarkson - People Like Us - American... by IdolxMuzic

Gareth Pugh And Matthew Stone: Armed Venus presents the beautifully arranged “Armed Venus,” the soundtrack to designer Gareth Pugh's Autumn Winter 2013 Runway Collection.

Below is a interview with the artist/composer Matthew Stone and Pugh followed by the runway show it is taken from.

Gareth Pugh x Matthew Stone: Armed Venus Two Maverick Creatives Free Associate On Synaesthesia, Collaboration and Dolly Parton

Sensuous black-and-white portraits provide a poetic metaphor for acoustic violins in “Armed Venus,” the soundtrack to today’s multidisciplinary mash-up from artist-turned-musician Matthew Stone. Originally composed as the accompaniment for friend and frequent collaborator Gareth Pugh’s womenswear show last month in Paris, the ten-minute orchestral meditation punctuated an acclaimed collection of floor-sweeping tribal gowns made from garbage bags found around the designer’s east London studio.

The track, produced by Joe Ashworth and featuring Jordan Hunt on the violin, joins Stone’s ever-growing repertoire of musical crossovers into fashion; he has already spun works for Adam Kimmel, Prada and Rick Owens. “I always try to push Gareth to go in a certain direction but intuitively, before even speaking, we are often on the same page,” explains Stone, who combined classical instruments with electronic synths for the latest composition—the result of a relationship they’ve cultivated over the past six years. “He could only come as far as my studio in Dalston but would never be able to see the pieces being made in the factory in Italy,” adds Pugh, who was applauded backstage by the likes of Cher. “After all, it’s a longtime creative partnership.”

Matthew Stone: I had always wanted to make music, but if it wasn’t for working with you I would never have been this productive—you gave me the push and the deadlines.

Gareth Pugh: When we started collaborating, I sent you the same references that I sent to the hair and makeup people; it’s always abstract and working from a mood board that loosely reflects how I feel.

MS: We always made electronic music in the beginning, working with found materials and remixing existing music. Then for the collection after the black-and-white Spring 2009 show we decided to compose our own music and record with real instruments.

GP: For this season I took a lot of inspiration from this Asgarda tribe of strong women in Carpathian Mountains––they arm themselves, train themselves and fend off the men. They are totally independent yet live in a contemporary tribal environment. The use of violin here reflects that: it’s something very romantic and beautiful but can also be very violent. Layered on top of that there are effects reminiscent of the tribal sound, and a lot of the gypsy motifs.

MS: I do think there are musical trends reflected in fashion, and some designers are collectively using hit musical elements. But for you it’s more about creating a personal, non-linear world. For instance there is always such a contrast between the catwalk music and the finale music, because I don’t have any input in the finale. It creates a sense of elevation and relief at the end, in a way.

GP: The finale should be upbeat, with a sense of humor. Long before I started designing the collection, I had found this early live recording of Dolly Parton singing “Little Sparrow.” When I heard it I knew I wanted to use it for the show! I want to create an immersive, multi-sensory experience for the audience—I want to control what people see and what people hear. Music is always very integral to that.

MS: I think even without looking at the imagery, people can form some level of visual resemblance of the collection. This track was created for the show, but if you take it away it will still feel bespoke. It’s abstract, but it carries the feelings of the collection—it’s cinematic.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lindsay Lohan Is Serious On Letterman

Actress, singer and jailbird Lindsay Lohan makes a stop at the Letterman show to promote her appearance on Charlie Sheen's Anger Management only to fall into Lettermans candid humor about her many life struggles.

Ahh Lind's!

Vogue Voices: Alexander Wang

American Vogue takes us inside the mind of some of the best of fashion starting off the video series with Alexander Wang in a very candid and upfront interview with the 29 year old acclaimed Balenciaga/name sake designer.

What goes on inside the great minds of fashion? In our new video series, we talk to industry heavyweights about everything from their beginnings to their next sketches. Today Alexander Wang, design wunderkind and recently appointed creative director of Balenciaga, opens up to Vogue.

The Knife Short Film For New Double Disc Shaking The Habitual

Today, the Knife release Shaking The Habitual, their dark and overwhelming new double album. And now they’ve teamed with director Marit Östberg, who also helmed their “Full Of Fire” video, to make a 13-minute short film about the album. In the video, the two siblings in the group take turns talking about the album, its themes, and the ideas underpinning it in prewritten and intricately plotted-out fashion, while Östberg flashes creepy non-sequitur images onscreen. And if you’ve yet to take on the vast album, its music plays constantly in the video, offering a relatively digestible starting point. Watch it below.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 Givenchy Spring/Summer 2013–Independent Men model Simone Nobili is enlisted for the seventh issue of Fashionisto, taking a look at the spring/summer 2013 collection of Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci. Joining forces once more, photographer Jay Schoen and fashion editor Demetrio Baffa Trasci Amalfitani venture outdoors for a tranquil experience. Courtesy of -

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