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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines (Feat. T.I. & Pharrell)

In musique there shall always be the innovator, the original, that individual style of musique genre that only one artist can propel and make mainstream audiences and radio listeners fall in love with all over again as previous decades form with modern twists.

Robin Thicke's blue eyed soul demeanor can never be duplicated nor recycled. And amidst in a pond of infant Biebers and supposed "20/20 Experiences", Robin along with the help from his friends, rapper T.I. and producer/songwriter/rapper Pharrell Williams complete with what can be interpreted as a modern day Rat Pack, everything else aside, Thicke's first single from his upcoming 6th  album gives me the tingle that I wanna mingle all over the dance floor.

Without further ado kiddas, press play below and get ready to shake a tail feather!

John Hein by Kwannam Chu

"Ford model John Hein by Kwannam Chu for I.T Post." - Homotography

Aurélien Muller by Kris Schmitz

"French model Aurélien Muller by Kris Schmitz, exclusively on." - Homotography

Arran Sly, Josh Haywood & Ted Cole by Tom McKenzie

Unsigned Management models Arran Sly, Josh Haywood and Ted Cole are photographed by Tom McKenzie in this fantastic shoot with set design by Simon Holk Witzansky; exclusively on Homotography.

Drew Barrymore Brings The Smiles To Late Night!

Funny gal and all around true Hollywood legend, Drew Barrymore, visits the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show while playing a rousing game of “Russian Rouge-ette.” in which they drew all over each other’s faces with makeup. Watch all the hilarity right below kiddas!

Friday, March 22, 2013

i-D Has a Q&A With Lara Stone

March 19, 2013
The Q+A Issue: Lara

Tyrone Lebon on how he started, his Q+A cover and his stepdad’s giant new naked Lara Stone tattoo.

What made you want to become a photographer? It was an easy way to get close to, and explore the things I was interested in when I was a shy and awkward teenager.

When/ how did you start working with i-D? Terry Jones commissioned me to shoot portraits of my friends in Edinburgh when I was studying there when I was 19. He got my number from my dad who has worked with i-D since the 80s.

This is your first i-D cover, how did you decide on the shot? Sadly the choice wasn’t mine. I liked another shot in the story where Lara’s head is in a fruit bowl.

How did you and Charlotte come up with the concepts for the shoot? We wanted every image to be different. And I think overall we wanted it to be lighthearted, but still try and make powerful and interesting pictures.

How did you find working with Charlotte? Glorious! Charlotte is deadly serious and passionate about her work, but hugely encouraging and open and fun. There’s a lot of laughing when we shoot together which makes it a pleasure. Her right hand woman Katie Lyall is also a fabulous specimen of a human being.

You photographed your brother, your dad and your stepdad for the shoot, do you photograph them differently to other people? Or direct them differently? To try and make pictures more personally meaningful I like to include my family and friends. There are quite a few in this shoot. I think I approach everyone in the same way. But with people I know I am more aware of what I can get out of them so it’s more straightforward. Whereas when you photograph someone for the first time there are surprises.

Read the entire Lara Stone interview here

Kate Moss Makes Sushi...Boxes

Last week we showed you model darling Kate Moss speaking dirty dirty words now this week shes selling sushi in a box!?

Even sushi restaurants are doing fashion collaborations these days. In her latest design gig, Kate Moss has collaborated with Sushi Shop, a sushi chain with locations all over the world (including Paris and New York), on a sushi box, WWD is reporting.

 The box, which costs about $58 and containts 40 pieces of sushi, is covered in sequins and has Kate Moss’s name on it. The supermodel, who is allegedly a sushi fan, follows previous Sushi Shop box collaborators Kenzo Takeda and Lenny Kravitz.

The collaboration was feted with a private party last night in Paris, which Kate Moss did not attend.

We’re not really sure we understand what’s exciting about eating out of a Kate Moss sushi box–is it like the expensive adult version of a Happy Meal?–though there are probably a few dirty jokes one could make out of the situation.

 Fresh we hope?


Some Late Night Truth, Kind of

 Ahh Jimmy Kimmel you are too funny and we must say you are the real voice of the new late night legends. Watch this hilarious take on a lie detector test with a honest honest kid.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Garbage Brings The Battle To Letterman

Garbage made another visit to the Late Show to perform "The Battle In Me" (their European single) for the American TV audience. Shirley Manson has also stepped 17 years back into time with her look as Mr. Letterman reminds us of their first appearance on the late night show.

Catch it all below!

Extra| A step back to 1996


 he Misanthrope–Red model Michael Tintiuc connects with photographer Eric White for a collaborative project. Taking to various locations with a certain attitude, Michael is styled in garments and accessories from his label LIRFON’S. Whether dressed in bold snug leather or leopard adorned pants, Michael serves up personal style in spades. Courtesy of -

Stoya by Sean & Seng

 Stoya by Sean & Seng for POP Spring/Summer 2013. Courtesy of - fashiontography

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