Monday, December 16, 2013

Beyonce Becomes Best Selling Female of 2013 In Just 2 Days

It's going to be a good new year for Beyonce as her giant surpirse album and video drop will have her #1 once again and leaving room for zero hater-ade. is reporting that the iTunes exclusive album sold 80,000 copies from 9pm PT to midnight on Thursday evening and an additional 350,000 copies on Friday. When the sales week ends on Sunday evening, it is estimated that the album will have sold around 600,000 copies. The album hit number one on iTunes in over 100 countries.

To add up her competition, Katy Perry’s Prism sold 286,000 copies in an entire week of its debut in October, while Lady Gaga’s much anticipated ARTPOP moved 258,000 units. Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz sold 270,000 in its debut week. Thats some serious Bey-hive action with ZERO promotion.

If you havent already, here are all the video tracks preview in playlist order but first here is an explanation of the Beyonce visual album.

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