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Swan Lake: The Leonardo DiCaprio &. Björk Edition

Fashionista via New blog Part Nouveau, "or ‘partly new’, delves into fashion history to showcase the inspiration–be it art, photography or design–behind some of today’s biggest fashion moments."

President-founder Lilah Ramzi, juxtaposed two of my most favorite entities that have ever roamed this artitisc world...Leonardo Di Caprio and Bjork! This is Swan Lake like you've never seen it before kiddas.

"In 2001, Icelandic artist Björk wore what has now become one of the most infamous red carpet dresses. Designed by Macedonian Marjan Pejoski, the frock referred to as the “swan dress,” was meant to symbolize fertility, a notion further reinforced by Björk as she left a trail of eggs down the red carpet.

While most viewed the dress as outlandish, perhaps it was not so unfamiliar to our eyes. A few years earlier in 1997, Annie Leibovtiz photographed then-budding actor Leonardo DiCaprio seemingly cuddling a swan that has looped its neck around that of the handsome film star for Vanity Fair."

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