Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Meet The Prancing Elite!

It sometimes takes alot of courage to Be Yourself On Purpose and  it rings true with The Prancing Elite who we viewed over at OMGblog and wow! We were entertained and surprised by the dedication the all boys dance squad gave. We know from experience it sometimes can be horribly difficult to be who you are even here in Los Angeles and we cant imagine what struggles these boys have gone through in their hometown of Mobile Alabama to go against the grain but by the looks of it recognition to their passion is in the air!

A Tweet from The Prancing Elites after seeing Shaq's Twitter Shout out:

Sooooo former NBA star Shaquille "SHAQ" O'neal has tweeted out one of @prancingelites videos.... he titled his tweet, "THESE DUDES B JAMMIN...." when I tell you that video only had 3, 000 + views, and now has 13, 000 + since he tweeted less than 12 hours ago... since 2004 we've been talked about, mistreated, abused, etc in this artform... but for some reason we remained humbled and continued striving for excellence, because God says, patience is the key... Good things come to those who wait... I dont know exactly whats about to happen... but all im asking is God let your will be done... Protect us on this tideous journey... Hallelujah is the highest praise....and thats all we are thinking about at this point....

Check out more of The Prancing Elites @ Their Facebook page!

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