Zac Posen Designs Gold Dress In Honor Of Magnum Gold Ice Cream

Karl Lagerfeld was a Magnum man and now designer Zac Posen takes his bite at a new campaign for Magnum Gold Ice Cream.

Fashionistas don't just eat plain ice cream. They eat MAGNUM Gold ice cream... and have a 24-karat gold dress and a short film starring a Hollywood celeb to go with it.

The gold dress in question has been designed by Zac Posen in honor of MAGNUM's new Gold ice cream bar. In a press release from MAGNUM, Posen states, "Creating my first-ever 24-karat gold dress was a truly priceless experience." Pun intended? The dress is reportedly worth $1.5 million.

Of course the ice cream itself is slightly more attainable. It's made of vanilla bean ice cream with swirls of sea salt caramel and a "golden" milk chocolate coating -- no gold flakes or edible jewels stuffed inside.

MAGNUM is also pulling out the stops with a short film starring Joe Manganiello, premiering at the Tribeca Film Festival. The movie is called "As Good As Gold" (natch) and will feature Manganiello being very sexy, probably with some ice cream involved.

It's certainly not the first time MAGNUM has gotten all fashion on us (remember when they enlisted Karl Lagerfeld and Rachel Bilson?) and joins a long line of food+fashion collabs.

But this one has SEA SALT CARAMEL. Winner. via

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