Monday, April 8, 2013

Cate Blanchett Poses For Harper's Bazaar Australia


 The great Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett is featured on the latest Harper Bazaar Australia looking radiant giving us some wise words when asked about her style and her theatre influences which you can read up below.

On being criticized for her avant-garde style:
“Couture is a cabinet of curiosities. It’s a place of experimentation and I think the red carpet is a great place to display it. I knew people would either hate that [2009 crochet] dress or really love it. People get so worried about what everybody thinks. But I love Romance Was Born because they have a great anarchic freedom. We enjoy their company. They’ve had a couple of shows in the space here [at Sydney Theatre Company’s The Wharf] and they always come to our Christmas parties.”

On her elegant white Armani business shirt, camel-coloured Donna Karan suit with sock-less camel sneakers attire:
“This is all a bit old but I love it.”

On art & the theater:
“Theatre is full of influences from other art forms and that’s what makes it extraordinary. When you go to the opera, you come home talking about the voices. After the ballet, you talk about the dancers. But when you go to the theatre, you end up talking about politics, art, your marriage and your hopes and dreams. So as theatremakers we have to be engaging with artists from all different disciplines.”

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