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Friday, March 15, 2013

Watch Kate Moss Read an Excerpt from Fifty Shades of Grey


 Models can do it all these days it seems and were not complaining as the iconic Kate Moss takes to the airwaves to get some eager listeners randy on their drive home.

What’s happening to Kate Moss? One day she’s (rumored to be!) posing for Playboy and the next she’s reading erotica on the radio.

Kate Moss speaks (in public) so rarely that we sometimes forget she can. The beloved supermodel is notoriously press shy and has given few interviews throughout her 24-year career. Though this doesn’t really count as an interview.

Moss was taking part in BBC Radio 1′s efforts to raise money for the charity Comic Relief. The station promised listeners that if they raised £200,000, Kate Moss would read an excerpt from apparently still relevant “mommy porn” novel Fifty Shades of Grey.

Not surprisingly, they did it and Kate Moss nervously “opened that mouth of hers” as Nick Grimshaw puts it, and got through an entire ridiculous Fifty Shades of Grey excerpt without laughing. Until the end. In kind of a low sexy-voice? Also, she looks great. Watch it below! Via

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