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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Simone Nobili for Giorgio Armani | Black Diamond

Friday, October 12, 2012

Video Premiere P!nk - Try

Directed by Floria Sigismondi and choreographed by The Golden Boyz, P!nk once again shows us who is in charge as she gracefully and awesomely contorts and sways in the latest video for the new single "Try".

There are no words to describe the acts of violence in this video because it is just too beautiful. But we invite  you to Try.

Combat by Damien Blottière

Success models Tarik Lakehal, Kevin Flamme and Rodolphe Zanforlini are photographed by Damien Blottière and styled by Shun Watanabe in a Dior Homme story for the ninth issue of Vogue Hommes Japan. Courtesy of - Homotography

Hunger by Philippe Vogelenzang

Republic models Rutger Schoone and Pascal Bonvie are photographed by Philippe Vogelenzang and styled by Jos van Heel in the story 'Hunger' for for L’Officiel Hommes NL Fall/Winter 2012.13. Courtesy of - Homotography

Chromantic by Benjamin Lennox

The recent Spring/Summer 2012 issue of 10 Men featured the fantastic story 'Chromantic', photographed by Benjamin Lennox and styled by Hector Castro with models Mikkel Jensen, Jake Shortall and Pascal Bonvie. Courtesy of - Homotography

Emilio Flores by Joseph Cardo | The Shadow Game

Photographer Joseph Cardo captures Emilio Flores alongside Raquel Balencia in the story 'The Shadow Game' featuring jewelry by Luca Barra. Courtesy of - Homotography

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Brad Pitt's Is Killing Them Softly For Interview Mag

Brad Pitt is featured in the latest issue of Interview magazine where he is interviewed by director Guy Ritchie and wonderfully shot by Steven Klein showing the many faces of the acomplished actor and humanitarian.

On who he is supporting in the election: “Well, I just want to avoid confusion with this film and say I’m a big supporter of Obama, and I think he’s our best answer for the next four years.”

On his future in film: “I’d rather be behind the camera. As a producer, obviously, you’re part of a team that brings the story to the screen. It wouldn’t be there if you didn’t champion it or if you and a group of people weren’t championing it. I like that.”

On choosing films to work on: “You know, right now, this is like a clean-up-the-loose-ends-and-tidy-up-the-place kind of year, which I also look at as a refill kind of year. I’m not good at going back-to-back-to-back-to-back with movies, and it’s just now that I’m starting to get my bearings again and a flavor for what’s next. But it can’t be something repetitive that I’ve done before. I’m bored to death by that, and when I attempt things like that, it never works–I end up hurting the movie. So it’s just about discovery now and finding something new that’s interesting to me.”

On his film Killing Them Softly: “Well, what Andrew [Dominik] wanted to do with this film was interesting: He wanted to talk about America—and America as a business—but he wanted to hide it within this low-end crime drama. We in America have some grand ideals—and some very strong ideals—but a lot of times, those ideals are used for marketing.”

Scoot on over to for the full story.

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