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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Santigold Performs Her Make Believe At The Colbert Report

Santigold performs for StePhest Colbchella ‘012: Rocktaugustfest,’ the concert series featured on ‘The Colbert Report’ mocking the Coachella Festival. The songwriter, producer, and pop singer performs for a New York City crowd mixing theatrics with creative choreography that perfectly captures Satigolds album title of "Master of My Make-Believe."

Friday, August 17, 2012

Beyonce For World Humanitarian Day

Continuing her promotion for World Humanitarian Day Beyonce speaks on Anderson Cooper 360 to let you know what we can do to make the world a better place one good deed at a time.

 Click play on the interview below to hear Beyonce and her goals as well as her song for the cause “I Was Here”.

You Can Be an Amateur Runway Model in Condé Nast’s First Ever Video Game ‘Fashion Hazard’

It's a video game for the rest of us! Strut your way down the runway with out the shame of feeling like a Fashion Hazard.

As of today, there’s a new video game for young girls where you get to pretend to be an up and coming runway model navigating the fashion industry, and it was created by Condé Nast.

It’s called Fashion Hazard, is available for the iPhone and iPad, and is the prestigious media company’s first (and surprising) foray into gaming. And yes, we played it!

As you can probably tell by the name, Fashion Hazard is not for the faint of heart and rather than glamorize the modeling world, portrays it as the dangerous and cut-throat business it really is–sort of. There are no pervy photographers, drugs or agents pressuring you to lose weight. But! While walking on a very busy runway, you do run the risk of stepping on snakes, getting hit by cups of coffee and tripping over fallen models. Our take? It’s like a quirky fashion-y and totally ridiculous version of Temple Run.

For example, Ellie Redburn, the avatar you start out as, is a small town girl from Lawrence, Kansas starting out at the bottom of the New York fashion industry’s totem pole. Will she be the next Karlie Kloss or will she fall off the runway (something I did many times while playing) and be forgotten?

Another fun quirk: the way the models walk. It’s something like this. They also pose at the end of the runway in a way that no one has done since the ’90s and looks more like models who look like they just farted than, say, Cindy Crawford.

I barely played long enough to get to London, but by successfully gaining “achievements” and “bling” and dodging flying objects, Ellie Redburn can advance from city to city, revealing new details about her backstory and making her way to the fashion pinnacle that is Paris (and rapidly sucking the life out of your iPhone battery in the process). After that, you get to become a different model, like a glamorous brunette named Le Tigress (yes, that’s really a character).

Condé Nast hopes Fashion Hazard will fill a niche for girls who want a game with a feminine aesthetic and action-filled agility challenges typically found in more masculine games. The game is also ripe with potential for collaborations and product placement. For example, is it too late for a tie-in with Tyra Banks’ Modelland? Maybe after the Paris level, the model goes there and gets a smize? The possibilities are endless, really.

You can watch the awesome trailer for Fashion Hazard below and download it from the app store for 99 cents.

A Cloud in the Echo By Kira Bunse

Robert Laby and Ryan Williams appear in An Untitled Project and are shot by Kira Bunse and styled Ruben Moreira. Courtesy of -

Le Gars de la Marine By Laetita Hotte

Francisco Lachowski is captured by Laetita Hotte for Spray's second issue. Zab Ntaka styles the Brazilian model in casual looks with strong splashes of color. Courtesy of -

Penelope Cruz by Mert & Marcus | W

Penelope Cruz is photographed by Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott and styled by Edward Enninful for W September 2012. Courtesy of - fashiontography

Save A Prayer By Nick Lafontaine

For the latest issue of And Men magazine, Rick "Zombie Boy" Genest is captured by Nick Lafontaine and styled by Cristina Acevedo in a harrowing and post-apocalyptic shoot. Courtesy of -

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Have A Very Merry Birthday Madonna!

Madonna (born Madonna Louise Ciccone August 16, 1958) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, dancer and entrepreneur. She has sold more than 300 million records worldwide and is recognized as the world's top-selling female recording artist of all time and after the death of Michael Jackson is considered now the greatest living pop star.

 Today we celebrate her 54th birthday and thank her for the many hit (and non hit) songs that have been the soundtrack to our lives and will continue to be.  Happy Birthday Madonna!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Nicki Minaj Lands At The Today Show

Nicki Minaj once again lands at the Today Show to perform for her adoring Barbz. Kicking off her mini set with “Starships ” and a medley of “I Am Your Leader,” “Beez In The Trap,” and “Pound The Alarm” in her hometown of New York City.

 Press play and drop it below.

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Lady Gaga "FAME" The Fragrance Trailer

In a short film for her new perfume FAME, Lady Gaga harkins back to her "Alejandro" days with another Steven Klein directed fashion stylized art piece serving as the official marketing trailer for her first ever fragrance.

Hit play and check out the stunning video below.

 Directed by STEVEN KLEIN Hair by FREDERIC ASPIRAS Makeup by STEPHANE MARAIS Styling By BRANDON MAXWELL Director of Photography: JEFF CRONENWETH Production Designer: NATHAN CROWLEY 1st AD: PETER KOHN Editor: SKIP CHAISSON Colorist: DAVE HUSSEY Digital Production: DIGITAL DOMAIN Visual Effects Supervisor: GREG TEEGARDEN Visual Effects Producer: KAIT BOEHM Sound Design: LESLIE SHATZ & CHRISTOPHER KNIGHT for Wildfire Studios Producer: NATALIE HILL Executive Producer: COLEEN HAYNES Executive Producer: JULES DALY A Blackdog Films / RSA Production

Condoleezza Rice Makes Her Modeling Debut for the NFL’s New Lady-Targeted Line

Home girl Condie Rice is the biz cause she can do it all even as the face of NFL’s New Lady-Targeted really!

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is back–but it’s got nothing to do with the current presidential race or another 30 Rock cameo (we know… sad). Actually, Condi’s making her modeling debut for the freshly revamped womenswear line of NFL apparel–as in, fitted football jerseys. The campaign, dubbed ‘It’s My Team,’ also features Melania Trump, Serena Williams, and other football-lovin’ ladies from various vocations.

Because while we’re all getting amped up and stressed out about the upcoming fashion month, a large percentage of the country is getting amped up and stressed out about September’s arrival for another reason: Football season. And now more than ever, there’s an overlap between fashion and football (really). According to the New York Times, women account for a full 45% of the NFL’s overall fan base–and the NFL believes a good portion of those women’s wardrobes have been lacking in fashion-forward football gear. And while the thought of leather boots boasting the Dallas Cowboys logo makes us cringe in our Chelseas, we’re actually pretty stoked to see the NFL-inspired tee Georgina Chapman is releasing next month.

But back to Cleveland Browns fan Condoleezza, who claims in the campaign that she “never miss[es] a game or a chance to show off [her] team colors!” Actually, an image search of Ms. Rice shows that she rarely ever makes public appearances wearing either dark brown or orange–save for one orange dress she donned at Wimbledon last year. (The Internet never lies, Condi!) But apparently, she was actually engaged to a football player in the ’70s. See? Maybe not such a random choice after all.

So does Condi Rice wearing a fitted football jersey make you want to get out there and toss a pigskin around or what?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Video Premiere The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Major

The Asteroid Galaxy Tour return to our eyes and ears with the video for "Major" the upbeat funk tune from theirsophmore release 'Out Of Frequency'.

 Lead singer Mette is as every perfect singing the lyrics "you got style, á la carte" as she dances between grainy black-and-white footage in the video for their second single which makes you want to start a revolution or atleast one to raid her closet.

Fly High and Have Fun with Asteroid Galaxy below!


Extra |  The Asteroids Galaxy Tour - Out of frequency Live

Miami Heat By David Roemer

OUT - August 2012 Model Brian Shimansky Ph David Roemer St Christopher Campbell David Roemer captures Soul's hard-bodied Brian Shimansky in this titillating shoot for Out's August 2012 issue. Christopher Campbell styles Brian in loud and flamboyant fashion from Versace to Y-3.

Cantate du Narcisse By Billy Nava

Dutch model Gen Huismans stuns in this shoot for Viktor by Billy Nava. Gen's strong features are juxtaposed against the softness and femininity of the shoot. Courtesy of

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