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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Go Go 6: Light Dance

Go Go 6: Light Dance on

Marilyn Manson’s Screaming Cover Soundtracks a Mirrored World of Private Dancing

Bathed in kaleidoscopic volleys of light, model Tina Mogensen seduces in director Noam Griegst’s erotically charged new short. Inspired by a book he found in a Parisian flea market about the French capital’s shrine to the striptease, Crazy Horse, the Copenhagen-based fashion photographer created a giant mirrored cube in which to capture Mogensen’s scorching routine to goth rocker Marilyn Manson's take on the Screamin' Jay Hawkins classic "I Put a Spell on You." Griegst enlisted lighting designer Andreas Wetterberg to project the luminous colors dancing across the Danish model’s writhing body. Previously shooting for Dazed & Confused, Volt, V and Dansk magazines, Griegst envisioned a pared-down version of a modern gentlemen’s club. “It was about celebrating the woman, life, colors and experimentation,” he explains. “The beauty of it is that you can create your own little world.” The photographer is currently readying a book on the Danish Royal Ballet, compiled from images he took while documenting the troupe’s travels across America and Japan.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Itsnotyouitsme Album Spin - Haley Reinhart

In today's digitally enhanced world, everyone wants to be a singer but no one wants to sing...unlike this woman. This woman right here, she's what the musique industry likes to refer to as, 'the real deal.' An expression often used to loosely, in the case of Haley Reinhart, it's true To a T.

After listening to her entire debut album "Listen Up!", Haley left my heart and soul black and blue from the mix of groovy up-tempos to an eclectic array of soft mellow drama tunes.

This is the kind of musique that'll most definitely leave you kiddas in a state of wanting more and wanting nothing more but the melodies in your blood stream. This Illinois native won me over instantly on the last season of American Idol (Season 10.) Her eccentric and powerhouse vocal stylings solidify this jazz songbird as the official new leader of the soon to come generation of R&B/Soul/Pop-Rock artists that've been silent in the musique industry for quite some years now.

Do as she says kiddas. Listen Up! Dance to the beat you hear. You might discover that there's a whole world of other's out there that hear it, too.

Tune: Oh My

Tune: Undone

Tune: Free


Tune: Wasted Tears

Tune: Now That You're Here

Tune: Wonderland


Tune: Hit The Ground Running



Charlie Westerberg by Colin Angus for Fashionisto

Char­lie–One of our favorite Swedes, Char­lie West­er­berg is back in action, star­ring in our lat­est exclu­sive, lensed by Colin Angus. Infused with a splash of infec­tious humor, no gold-​​fish is safe around Char­lie but style is always evi­dent with a cool selec­tion of gar­ments from Paul Smith, Paul & Joe as well as oth­ers com­ing together under the direc­tion of styl­ist Jason Sciara. Courtesy of -

Nancy & Clyde By Greta Ilieva

BULLETT (#7) — SUMMER 2012 NANCY & CLYDE photographer: Greta Ilieva stylist: John William MODEL(S): Allen Taylor Courtesy of -

David Beckham by Doug Inglish

David Beckham is photographed by Doug Inglish and styled by Simon Robins in the cover story 'Made in England' for the July 2012 issue of Elle UK. Courtesy of - Homotography

Kris Van Assche for Common & Sense Man

For the latest issue of Japanese magazine Common & Sense Man, Sarah Moon and Mauricio Nardi capture and style Caleb Keller, Timothy Kelleher, Adrien Sahores, Adrien Fichelle, and Thomas Aoustet in this editorial featuring the creations of Belgium designer Kris Van Assche. Courtesy of -

Incase You Missed It: Regina Spektor - All The Rowboats Live On Letterman

From her 6th and latest release "What We Saw from the Cheap Seats" Regina Spektor performs her single All The Rowboats for the late show audience. The album is a collection of new material along with the very first studio recordings of several of Spektor's older live songs that should please fans new and old with her story telling lyrics and good girl gone wry charm Take it from someone who has seen Regina live that even the Cheap Seats are a treat even way up high.

Bar Refaeli Wears Her New Men's Underwear Line

Lately there has been many videos of men wearing womens underwear (Madonna's Girls Gone Wild, Lady Gaga's Alejandro) but supermodel Bar Refaeli is turning it back by modeling her new line of mens underwear called Watch the below video as the soon to be 27 year old Israeli model stuts her stuff in the back yard for our wide eyes in this promotional clip.

Like what you see? Buy it here.

Gunter Sachs And Brigitte Bardot Hitch!

What's bigger than the bright lights and big city of Las Vegas you ask? Well its not other than German photographer Gunter Sachs and French actress/model Brigitte Bardot frolicking around the city of sin after the darling duo hitched on a warm summer's day on July of 1966.

Mary -Kate And Ashley Are A Pain In The Ass

Who knew fashionista's Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were such perfectionist when it comes to what they want; actually nevermind its believable because nothing good ever came out of no work at all. Shoe designer Steve Madden had a couple of words to say about the pint sized due when it comes to their work ethics while creative directors on his line of foot wear.

Last night, Italian sneaker brand Superga invited fashion’s best and brightest to celebrate their first-ever American store in SoHo–and they pulled off an impressive feat in the process, getting many of fashion’s die-hard heel-addicts, including the brand’s Creative Directors Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, to ditch their signature stilettos for Superga’s cool and classic sneaks. Hey, anything that gets us closer to wearing comfy shoes at fashion events, we can get behind! At the event we also had a chance to chat with Steven Madden, who is responsible for bringing the classic Italian brand stateside and who has worked with the Olsens for five years, first on their Elizabeth and James shoe line and now on Superga. Madden is a pioneer–and a character–in the shoe industry and he’s certainly not one to mince words. When asked what it was like to work with Mary-Kate and Ashley on the twins’ line of shoes for the brand, Madden said with a wry smile, “Painful. Painful.” “They’re very demanding, they’re very tough,” he continued. “You know, just tough, tough. They want what they want. And so we worked hard to get that done.” Obviously Mary-Kate and Ashley, who are successful designers and billionaires to boot, maintain a a strict standard when it comes to their work–something which Madden confirms. “They are difficult. They are exacting,” he said. “They are a pain in the ass. But they’re very good though.” Madden’s critical eye was not limited to his much-younger collaborators. Asked whether there were any misunderstandings due to the generational gap between them, Madden responded, “No. They’re awesome. They’re very grown up, very worldly. And I’m very immature. So we meet in the middle.” As to why Madden decided to bring Superga to America in the first place, the shoe exec said that it started out as a “casual thing.” “I’ ve always liked Superga. When I went to Italy as a kid I saw girls wearing backpacks with Superga,” he said. “I thought it was really cute. I thought it’d be great. And so I said [something] to Ashley Olsen…and she goes ‘I love Superga.’ I said I’ll get it for you, I’ll bring it to America and you’ll be my creative director. So that’s how it happened.” Well, there you go!

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Garbage Have Become Immature In NYC

Like a moth to a flame Garbage return to the New York City Stage to perform new songs songs from their album "Blood For Poopies" including past Garbage classic's (such as the re-worked and now Giorgio Moroder sounding "Stupid Girl") and be sure to catch a mini interview with Garbage at the end of the performances where Shirley Manson lets us in on her Mad Men TV cravings and why she isn't mature for her age.

Press Play below!

Art Nouveau By Eric Nehr

Numero Homme #23 Models Adrien Sahores and Thomas Burkovatz Ph Eric Nehr St Serge Girardi Numero's resident stylist-extraordinaire Serge Girardi works with photographer Eric Nehr for this beautiful shoot for the latest issue of Numero Homme. Adrien Sahores and Thomas Burkovatz don some SS12's most elegant and buzzworthy pieces. Courtesy of -

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