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Friday, April 20, 2012

Madonna Tells It Like It Is

Diva extraordinaire, Madonna gives a one on one interview with journalist Harry Smith giving all the deets on her current album, family issues and what makes her stay in bed all day.

Check out the revealing interview with the queen of pop below!

The Royal British Summer By Mark Kean

i-D — SPRING 2012
photographer: Mark Kean
stylist: Elgar Johnson
MODEL(S): DJ James; Jake Cottrill. Courtesy of -

Modern Marilyn by Peter Lindbergh

Lara Stone & Fred Ward by Peter Lindbergh in 'Modern Marilyn' for the January 2012 issue of Vogue China. Courtesy of - fashiontography

Parker Gregory by Giampaolo Sgura

Click model Parker Gregory is photographed by Giampaolo Sgura and styled by Miguel Arnau for the Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Hercules Universal. Courtesy of - Homotography

Tyson Ballou & Ollie Edwards by Doug Inglish

Tyson Ballou and Ollie Edwards are photographed by Doug Inglish and styled by Francesco Sourigues in Havana, Cuba for Hercules Universal Spring/Summer 2012. Courtesy of - Homotography

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Rihanna Where Have You Been Behind The Scenes

We are eagerly awaiting the newest video for the high octane track "Where Have You Been" from Rihanna since it was announced as a single last month and today Rihanna has released a behind the scenes video showing some of the choreography coming together.

In the below video Rihanna talks about the routine saying "I was never going to shoot the video,if I couldn't do choreography cause it would be pretty pointless. It would be disappointing."

We couldn't agree more as we always had a mental image of a all out dance video for the Calvin Harris penned track that should create the same buzz as his "We Found Love" did as the first single.

Max Azria Can Sell Anything To Anybody, Even Condoms?

Designer Max Azria of BCBG fame is being sued by a investor for $220 million after not fulfilling his 'Playboy Condom' deal.

Max Azria has gotten himself into a pretty sticky situation. According to TMZ, BCBG‘s chairman is currently being sued for $220 million–and the case has nothing to do with handbags or bandage dresses.

Jimmy Esebag, some dude who has apparently deep ties with Playboy, filed suit against Azria over a deal gone bad to market Playboy-branded condoms at Wal-Mart. Bet you didn’t see that coming.

According to Eseberg’s suit, Azria made false promises that he could “move any mountain he wanted to make the venture work,” when, in fact, Wal-Mart passed on the deal. But that’s not all Azria apparently said. Eseberg claims that Azria has said some pretty absurd/hilarious things:

“I have a relationship with everybody. I am Max Azria. People are happy to have lunch with me. Anybody in America. Even the President of America … I can sell anything to everybody.”
“I am the owner of this company. Only God and me. We have to talk.”
“I want to tell you $2,000 is the tip that I give to restaurants…”
“The money is nothing. If he need a million dollars, I give him a million dollars.”
Less funny to come out of the TMZ report is the revelation that the reason Walmart passed on the rubbers deal was because some of BCBG’s clothes were found to contain “dangerous levels of lead.” Say what?

We reached out to BCBG for comment and, understandably, the company had a lot to say about the claims. “The unrelated mention of BCBG’s clothing lines allegedly containing dangerous levels of lead is completely inaccurate,” a spokesperson for the company wrote.

The spokesperson also noted that “Mr. Esebag has been sued for fraud by other business partners in relation to Playboy condom deals,” and that “Max was victorious in a prior arbitration relating to this matter, and we are confident he will also be victorious in the present lawsuit.” In other words, dude is shady.

As for those, ahem, colorful quotes from Azria? The company isn’t denying he said them but that they “have been completely taken out of context.” We wonder what the context could be for saying the President would want to have lunch with you but anyway… -

Anyone have Max's cell phone number? We know he would love to have lunch with us.

Do The Hustle By Jason Kim

OUT - May 2012
Models Miles McMillan and Matt Clunan
Ph Jason Kim
St Grant Woolhead

Grant Woolhead and Jason Kim style and shoot Miles McMillan and Matt Clunan in this 70s-heavy shoot, complete with sky high bouffants. Miles and Matt wear tapered outfits styled to look like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. Courtesy of -

Wild Child By Sam Hessmanian

Fiasco - Volume 3, Issue 19
Model Marcel Castenmiller
Ph Sam Hessmanian
St Sandra Benbaruk

Runway regular Marcel Castenmiller is captured by Sam Hessmanian for Fiasco's latest issue. The rooftop shoot embodies Marcel's free and bo-ho spirit, as well as the the clothing's looser, fashion forward aesthetic, all styled by Sandra Benbaruk. Courtesy of -

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Itsnotyouitsme Album Spin - Nicki Minaj

From Nicki Minaj's latest release 'Roman Reloaded' comes ten standout tracks that are current itsnotyouitsme favorites.

From Urban sounds to pop sounds Nicki's latest release will have you pumped and ready to ride your Starship to the clubs.

Dig the tracks with us below.


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