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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Itsnotyouitsme Report 103: Things to Know

Photobucket Wow, a corporate company as big as Target did the right thing for once! Target Stores removed offensive Whitney Houston greeting cards right after her untimely death. - via

Photobucket George Clooney doesn't give a "s***" if you think he's gay. - via

Photobucket Julia Roberts In The Pages Of Vanity Fair Magazine..."I'm tall and smart. If you're aggressive and energetic it can be intimidating for people who aren't very smart themselves." Can I Get A Snap-Snap Up In Heya! - via

Photobucket Yall Better Watch When Lindsay Makes Her Way Onto Thee SNL Stage Today! - via

Photobucket In Case You Were Wondering What Miss Dolly Parton Smells Like... - via

Photobucket What A REAL Lifesaver! - via

Photobucket I Said Stop Touching Me Without Permission...This Gato Is A Whole Lotta Bossy! - via

Photobucket Holy Shit Kiddas. I Think My Greatest Musical Dream Might Just Come True. - via

Photobucket Too Cute For Any More Words... - via

Photobucket Angelina Jolie On The Cover Of Vogue Turkey. - via

Photobucket Paula Is Still Porking Out. - via

Photobucket All You Royal Ladies Put Your Hands Up In Thee Air! - via

Photobucket Glee Spoiler Alert! Glee Spoiler Alert! - via

Photobucket This Is What Happens When You Allow Your Kids To Stay Up After Their Bed-Time. Take Note Madonna. - via

Photobucket Jimmy Kimmel's Movie: The Movie. - via

Photobucket "Mac Users Are More Fashionable Than PCers: Well der! A new study shows that Mac people are more fashion-forward than PC peeps. Why? People with more money can afford both more expensive clothes and computers (Macs). Also, Mac users tend to be younger, and thus are more into trends." - - via

Photobucket "Mila Kunis Shoots for Dior: Mila’s on a boat–or should we say, un bateau. The gorg actress and latest face of Dior was spotted looking tres chic as she shot a new campaign for the Parisian fashion house on La Seine." - - via

Photobucket "Best Coast Singer Designs for Urban Outfitters: Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast has announced that she’s designing a line for the store no true hipster would ever admit to shopping at, Urban Outfitters. The singer tweeted a B&W image of a model wearing one of the pieces — a playsuit with sheer panels– that looks fit for summer music festivals but not necessarily porta-potties." - - via

Photobucket "Terry Richardson’s Summery Spots for Aldo: Everyone’s favorite creepy photog has shot two actually sort of cute commercials (we’ll admit it!) for Aldo, one of which features a Lolita-esque Anais Pouliot sucking a popsicle before dropping it to the ground – in seductive slow-mo, of course. The real shocker? No white backdrop! Glad to see you’re expanding your creative horizons, Terry!" - - via

Photobucket "FHM Philippines Scraps Racist Cover: FHM Philippines planned to publish their March issue with a cover featuring local fair-skinned actress, Bela Padilla pushing past a group of Filipina models painted to appear black. The offending photo was captioned “stepping out of the shadows.” As expected, FHM Philippines “apologized” profusely, saying, “In our pursuit to come up with edgier covers, we will strive to be more sensitive.” When the BBC asked Ms. Padilla about the cover, she expressed surprise at the negative reaction, claiming they “weren’t thinking of racial discrimination” during the shoot. It seems Ms. Padilla and co. weren’t thinking at all." - - via

Photobucket "Emma Watson to Star in Sofia Coppola-Directed Film: Good to see Ms. Watson getting work after all those Harry Potter movies! The 21-year-old actress has snagged a role in The Bling Ring, a movie based on the true story of Los Angeles teenagers who broke into several celebrity homes, which Sofia Coppola will direct." - - via

Photobucket "Adriana Lima Brings Her Own Salad to Restaurants: The Victoria’s Secret model hit up a South Beach restaurant and asked the wait staff if she could eat the salad she brought with her, as she is on a strict diet. Still no word on why she bothered to dine out in the first place." - - via

Photobucket "New York to Launch Design Mag: The good folks over at NY Mag will tell you how to properly furnish your New York City crawlspace apartment with a new design title, New York Design Hunting. They will release a first trial issue this May." - - via

Photobucket "Madonna Barely Wears Agent Provocateur on New Single Cover: Along with her droves of loyal fans, Madonna can now count lingerie brand Agent Provocateur as one of her biggest supporters – in the extremely literal sense. No denying that Madge looks gooood on her “Girls Gone Wild” single cover, but we’ve just one caveat: While it’s no secret that some things go south with age, it seems Madonna’s nips have full-on vanished. Life is a mystery…" - - via

Photobucket "Adidas and Stella McCartney Made Clothes for Doing Yoga in the Desert: The new ad for the Stella McCartney yoga collection at Adidas depicts a model lost in the desert, who – naturally – decides to do some yoga poses. What, like you’ve never done that?" - - via

Photobucket "Nearly Half of All Women Can’t Go Without Makeup: A new study says that 44% of women need to wear makeup in order to feel attractive, and 1/4 of all women start wearing makeup before age 13. Which brings me back to my eighth grade days of lime green eyeliner, hot pink mascara, and coordinating Wet ‘n’ Wild body glitter sticks. Glitter sticks were the best." - - via

Photobucket "Designers Re-imagine Hilfiger Trench for American in Paris Initiative: For the second season of the American in Paris showroom initiative, the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund asked ten designers to customize a classic Tommy trench. Participants include Prabal Gurung and Billy Reid, whose limited edition designs will be available to buy on Saturday at Tommy Hilfiger’s New York and Paris flagship locations." - - via

Photobucket "The Other Missing Model: Though we all miss Karlie, many have been surprised this season at the lack of Abbey Lee Kershaw on the runways. Turns out she’s having knee surgery tomorrow (ouch!). The model has been plagued with knee issues for years, and we certainly wish her a speedy recovery. But there’s also a rumor she’s working on the next Spielberg film – something her New York Agency Next Model Management did not confirm or deny." - - via

Photobucket "Ferragamo Partners with the Louvre: The Italian brand has announced that it will be the exclusive sponsor of the upcoming exhibit “Saint Anne, Leonardo da Vinci’s Ultimate Masterpiece,” running from March 29 to June 25 at the Louvre. In an historic move, Ferragamo will show Resort on June 12 in the Denon wing, the first time the Louvre has allowed a fashion show within the museum itself. Chairman Ferruccio Ferragamo considers the sponsorship “a great honor.”" - - via

Photobucket "Lucky Scores the Hottest Interview in Town: John Jannuzzi of Lucky managed to get an exclusive interview with Llama del Rey. We’re not sure how he did it, but the results are fascinating. Learn about her “llamagraphical” inspirations, growing up on “corn crop,” and read more puns that you can pack into her “all natural” snout." - - via

Friday, March 2, 2012

Estelle Mesh And Mashes A Groovy New Tune With Janelle Monae!

Estelle mesh and mashes a groovy uptempo new tune with Janelle Monae entitled “Do My Thing.” The featured track is off Estelle‘s highly anticipated sophmore album, "All of Me," which you can find for download on iTunes now.

After a four year wait since Estelle's 2008 debut album 'Shine,' we cannot tell you kiddas how anxious we are to hear the new record especially since both gals are doing their retro thang on this new and infectious track. According to the Associated Press,

“It’s well worth the wait. Estelle sings with her Brit-accented delivery mixed with uptempo dancehall tracks and heartfelt ballads that touch the soul. In total, Estelle‘s album is a solid piece of work, and she proves that her ‘all’ is more than enough.”

In case you kiddas missed Estelle’s bombastic performance on The Late Show with David Letterman, the "All of Me" singer is in full promo mode since the release of her new album. Dig it out right below.

The Day The World Went Away By Pierre Debusschere

photographer: Pierre Debusschere
stylist: Melina Nicolaide
MODEL(S): Yannick Abrath
Courtesy of -

Jake Shortall by Wataru for Huge Magazine

ter­na­tional Mis­fit–Up to mis­chief, Bananas model Jake Short­all appears in a new edi­to­r­ial for Huge. Cap­tured by the lens of Wataru for the Japan­ese pub­li­ca­tion, Jake joins new faces Lenny Müller and Simon Sab­bah for a fun black and white out­ing, styled by Yasuhiro Watanabe. Courtesy of -

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