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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Andrej Pejic Channels Warhol and the Factory Girls

Looking perfectly "Factory", Itsnotyouitsme favorite model Andrej Pejic gives great face becoming Andy Warhol's favorite muses for Nars Cosmetics Warhol line.

What fashion magazine hasn’t done some sort of Warhol-inspired shoot? We don’t know. So when recently-launched Du Jour took on the task of an editorial inspired by Nars’s new Andy Warhol collection, they really had no choice but to do something special. And they delivered.

For one, they tapped the lovely Andrej Pejic to embody Warhol superstars Edie Sedgwick, Nico, Candy Darling, and Warhol himself (which actually isn’t the most orginal idea. Chris Benz’s spring 2012 collection, for which he cast Pejic in the look book, was inspired by fellow gender-bending blonde Candy Darling.)

To further legitimize the story, they also got former Factory regular and Interview music critic Glenn O’brien to pen the introduction.

Our favorite part: What O’brien thinks Warhol would have said about Pejic, had they met:

Andy would have taken one look at Andrej and said, “What a beauty? Isn’t he a real beauty. Gee, you should be on the cover of Interview. We should make a movie. Would you like to be in a movie? I think you’d be so great.”

Perfect. For further evidence of Pejic’s uncanny ability to embody any figure, or gender, click through for the full spread and head over to Du Jour for more.

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