Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Andy Warhol Collection From Nars

This upcoming Holiday season get ready to create a visual art movement of your own as Nars cosmetics is introducing a Andy Warhol inspired line of makeup. The Nars autumn/winter 2012 color collection will feature color combinations inspired by some of Warhol's most iconic muses such as Edie Sedgewick, Debbie Harry and Candy Darling.

Nars creative consultant Fabien Baron had this to say abouth the new line- What I loved about [Warhol's] world was that he took elements from the past and made them his own. That’s what we have done with this collection — taken Andy’s ‘world’ and made it modern,” Nars explains. “The colors are also directly linked to the makeup.” This desire to project forward is evident throughout, with product development innovations abundant (like printed eye shadow palettes with every color filled through to the pan), as well as never-before-seen applications of Warhol’s works (including a “Kiss”-wrapped soup can.)

The collection arrives in stores in time for the 25th anniversary of the Pop artist’s passing, and will be released in two parts: core products on Oct. 1 at Sephora and holiday-focused kits and palettes on narscosmetics.com on Nov. 1.

Will you be painting yourself up for the Factory this season?

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