Friday, June 1, 2012

Itsnotyouitsme Album Spin - Haley Reinhart

In today's digitally enhanced world, everyone wants to be a singer but no one wants to sing...unlike this woman. This woman right here, she's what the musique industry likes to refer to as, 'the real deal.' An expression often used to loosely, in the case of Haley Reinhart, it's true To a T.

After listening to her entire debut album "Listen Up!", Haley left my heart and soul black and blue from the mix of groovy up-tempos to an eclectic array of soft mellow drama tunes.

This is the kind of musique that'll most definitely leave you kiddas in a state of wanting more and wanting nothing more but the melodies in your blood stream. This Illinois native won me over instantly on the last season of American Idol (Season 10.) Her eccentric and powerhouse vocal stylings solidify this jazz songbird as the official new leader of the soon to come generation of R&B/Soul/Pop-Rock artists that've been silent in the musique industry for quite some years now.

Do as she says kiddas. Listen Up! Dance to the beat you hear. You might discover that there's a whole world of other's out there that hear it, too.

Tune: Oh My

Tune: Undone

Tune: Free


Tune: Wasted Tears

Tune: Now That You're Here

Tune: Wonderland


Tune: Hit The Ground Running



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