Friday, January 6, 2012

Breaking Bread: Nicola Roberts Edition

British singer, Nicola Roberts may be having a rough time cracking the Billboard charts in the UK, despite being looked upon very favorably by the critics, the Pop Princess has returned with her 3rd single "Yo-Yo", officially released on January 2nd of 2012. Her debut album, "Cinderella’s Eyes" in my opinion is a solid Euro-pop record infused with hints of electro, making "Yo-yo" one of the best tunes off the record including "Gladiator", "Porcelain", "Beat Of My Drum" and the previous single "Lucky Day" featured at the bottom of this post. A fashion style that is also very much her own, hopefully as we've said in the past about other recording artists who were fairly unknown commercially, and as history has proven, Miss Roberts will undoubtedly make a splash onto radio airwaves and music lover's iPods everywhere soon enough.

Off the official press release:

"The single was written by Nicola with Dimitri Tikovoi. ‘Yo-Yo’ marries classic pop lyrics (“don’t want to be the last to know, will it be a yes or a no?”) to a post-Dalston Ronettes vibe and a pulsing, demented electro breakdown.

“The song is about being in that position with a guy when you really don’t know whether you’re coming or going,” explains Nicola. “Being in that position can make you really vulnerable. It’s the dark, desperate and doubtful side of love.”

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