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Saturday, August 6, 2011

In Commemoration Of Lucille Ball's 100th Birthday: We Present, 'Just The Kinda Gal She Was...Gifts From Lucille Ball'

In commemoration of Lucille Ball's 100th Birthday we present, 'Just The Kinda Gal She Was...Gifts From Lucille Ball'.

The legendary Lucille Ball was many many many things. She was first and foremost an iconic comedienne. A film, stage, radio actress, model, and TV star from a little known sitcom called, "I Love Lucy". You may have heard of it?

In my books, Lucy continues to be one of the most influential stars of America. But now, we get a rare sneak glimpse of Irma Kusely, Lucy's hairdresser for 47 years, and Keith Thibodeaux (the actor who portrayed Little Ricky in I Love Lucy) reminisce about special gifts they were given from Miss Ball. Watch this super sweet clip and get a real understanding of who the real Lucille Ball was. Considerate, generous, and above all loving.

Right below, watch in awe and in excitement as Lucille Ball shows you how to do the Jitterbug Bite. The year was 1940, and all she knew wanted to do was dance.

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