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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Be A Coitus Man! is both thrilled and happy to announce that we will be working with Coitus magazine to help promote the high quality magazine. So we ask you kiddas, "Are you a Coitus Boy?"(Sorry ladies you know we adore you. So check back with what we got in store for you coming very soon!)

Our friends at Coitus magazine have released their second issue of the large color print fashion magazine. Coitus features some of the worlds leading male models in quality fashion and photography spreads seen no where else.

The current issue of Coitus features 80 amazing pages of work from photographers Ben Lamberty, Pantelis, Greg Vaughan and features models River Viiperi, Francisco Lachowski and Arthur Sales among others. The magazine features a choice of a cover model if you order yours online and is limited to only 1000 copies so place your order before their gone.

For more on Coitus Magazine visit

Itsnotyouitsme Report 51: Things to Know

Photobucket Claire Danes admits idolizing... - via

Photobucket Celebrities Who Look Like Puppets! But wait, where's Wendy Williams?! - via

Photobucket "Inside Duckie Brown’s Crazy Closet: Daniel Silver and Steven Cox, the designers behind label Duckie Brown, take viewers inside their closet, which includes pieces inspired by pop-culture icons (think Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O and Steve McQueen) as well as the Victorian and Edwardian eras". - via

Photobucket "Note to Self: Don’t Knock Off the Birkin: Contemporary label Thursday Friday is in deep water after releasing a tote bag which featured a photo of the Hérmes Birkin bag. Thursday Friday screen-printed the image of the red iconic bag onto their eco-friendly tote bags, and while the bag certainly isn’t a knock-off, per se, Hermés seems to think the label is “confusing” and “misleading” its buyers. The amount for which Thursday Friday is being sued has not been disclosed, but we’re guessing the major luxury label isn’t asking for petty change." - via

Photobucket Anderson Cooper & CNN Crew Attacked in Tahrir Square - via

Photobucket "Diane Kruger Is Not An Impulse Shopper: Continuing our trend of celebrities who don’t spend money (see Keira Knightley yesterday), today we learn that Diane Kruger took six years debating about whether to buy an Hermes Constance bag, which she has wanted her whole life. After she signed with Calvin Klein she decided the time was right. “I truly broke a sweat when I paid for it,” she told Glamour (as reported by Vogue UK)." - via

Photobucket "YSL’s Belle d’Opium Commercial Banned: French actress Melanie Thierry, dressed in a va-va-voom white gown and dancing suggestively, stars in the commercial for YSL’s new fragrance, Belle d’Opium. Thirteen people complained that it was offensive because her actions “simulated drug use,” so it was banned. Thierry says at the end of the ad, “I am your addiction.” The fragrance is called Opium, for heaven’s sake!" - via

Photobucket "Julianne Moore Helps Reinvent Talbots: The actress stars in Talbots’ Spring 2011 ad campaign shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, and the clothes actually look kind of cool." - via

Photobucket "Kate Spade Goes Viral: The New York based brand commissioned music video director Kinga Burza to create an adorable short film about a girl, a boy, and Spade’s colorful spring collection." - via

Photobucket "Vogue‘s Oscar Worthy Wardrobe Picks for Annette Bening: Five editors take a stab at predicting what the Oscar-nominee will wear to the big event." - via

Photobucket HAPPY BEER FOR EVERYONE! - via

Photobucket Grab A Hot What A Again...??? - via

Photobucket "At one point in our lives, we're all just a drunk girl on the E train". - via

Photobucket Cindy Crawford Is Ageless. Literally. - via

Photobucket "15 Years of Congrats to Dolly Jones and crew–you’re awesome, and we think it’s fucking cool that you’ve been around for so long." - via

Photobucket "LVMH Wants to Play Nice With Hermes Bernard Arnault says, again, that he wants to remain a “peaceful” investor in Hermes. Uhuh." - via

Photobucket WOW! He's Really That Stoned. - via

Photobucket Cover Before You Pump. - via

Photobucket "Howard Stern: 'I Have a Tremendous Compassion for Homosexuals" - via

Photobucket "Victoria Secret model Alessandra Ambrosio goes plastic for the latest issue of Love." - via

Photobucket Big Bowl Week: According to Snoopy Snoop Dog! - via

Photobucket "Farrah Fawcett’s Iconic Swimsuit on Display: Men will be heading to the Smithsonian in droves to catch a glimpse of the orange swim suit that sold millions of posters of the Charlie’s Angel in the 1970s." - via

Photobucket "Super Bowl Style: The Super Bowl is not an excuse to look frumpy, ladies! Robert Verdi and Mary Alice Stephenson offer tips on how to make sporty look chic on game day." - via

Friday, February 4, 2011

Breaking Bread: Meet Oh Land

Nanna Fabricius Oland or Oh Land is a lovely Danish singer who has just arrived to the US to promote her self titled EP and who we have discovered a few months prior and as always, are ecstatic to share with all you devoted and groovy readers. I read all your beautiful messages. Just know that the love buzz you send my way only enhances and feeds my desire to expose you to quality musique.

Oh Land, the 25 year old former ballerina and the daughter of an opera singer experiments in her music by blending electronic beats against her clean and almost heavenly and soothing vocals; all together the sound is pleasantly reminiscent of work by Icelandic artist Bjork.

Oh Land who just completed a show at the legendary dive venue, The Troubadour here in Los Angeles will also be performing a couple of off shows including one we here at will be attending and covering tonight in a intimate art gallery in the Chinatown area of Downtown LA.

Note: Many of the popular acts we cover here we have had the privilege of seeing at smaller venues like the Troubadour which allows you the viewer to see the artist in a intimate and personal performance right before the onset of the mainstream audience and high ticket prices that just take all the excitement of seeing a new favorite artist do what they do best, play musique.

Meet OH Land below!

Tune: Sun of A Gun

Tune: Wolf & I (Live)

Meet OH Land | Interview

Blacks by Erwin Olaf

Blacks by Erwin Olaf. Courtesy of - Homotography

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