Friday, October 14, 2011

David Bailey,Lord Lichfield, And Mare Moda...What A Triple Threat

Legendary photographers, David Bailey and Lord Lichfield along with top model of the time, Penelope Tree, attended a fashion week event (Mare Moda) that took place in Capri, an Italian island. The year was September 1968 and while the likes of Tony Curtis and Faye Dunaway frolicked along the riviera, they got an early glimpse at fashion designers' upcoming collection.
Both photographers are responsible for changing the face of fashion, portraiture, and celebrity photography during the 1960's.

In the photo opt above, you can tell the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as both titans in their professional field gave a proper lesson on how to strut your threads even when in the middle of a top model. Bailey chose a white printed tunic shirt with a matching metallic belt finished off with a wide white pant.

Lord Lichfield strutted a white shirt with black trousers finished off with an impeccable scarf that only adds the cherry on top!

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"David Bailey: The 60s have never ended."

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