The MTV Video Music Awards Take Over Your TV

The 2011 MTV Video have done it's duty here in Los Angeles with its larger the pop life extravaganzas and judging by its record breaking 12.4 million viewership the long running show still can compete on a cable station that was a once the go to place for music videos.

Here is the ItsNotYouItsMe recap of our favorite moments in an awards show that re introduced Lady Gaga's lover Jo Calderone, welcomed Britney Spears back to the MTV show with a special Micheal Jackson Video Vanguard Award presentation, and Miss Beyonce Knowles showed us that she has a Lil 'Z in the oven!

Catch it all and more below...

Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone with special guest, legendary guitarist Brian May of Queen open up the night in true rock fashion - cigs, Whiskey and some drunken stumbling.

In a surprise performance Jay-Z and Kanye West "Take The Throne" but Jay's real surprise was yet to come.

Adele makes her MTV VMA premiere in one of our most anticipated performances of the night. With the emotion of 100 hearts she continues to confirm why she is the leading artist on the charts with her perfect sophomore album "21".

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A well deserving recipient of The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award with a kid friendly tribute featuring many of Britney's iconic video looks from over the decade of her career.

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Lady Gaga as Jo Calderone presenting Britney Spears with The Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award while trying to get fresh with the 'Femme Fetale' icon.

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Two words - Momma Beyonce!

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On July 23 2011 one of current times greatest vocalist and song writers succumbed to alcohol addiction at the early age of 27. Amy Winehouse was true, pure, talent and her music and life were celebrated at this years VMA's with an honest introduction by comedian and friend Russel Brand and also honored by Jazz and vocal legend Tony Bennett.

In celebration of her music and life new crooner Bruno Mars covers Amy's version of 'Valerie' from the album "Back to Black" which has become the UK's best selling album of the 21st century. Peace to you Miss Winehouse.

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