Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Boys of Spring 2012 Meet Elvis.

The Boys of Spring 2012 Fashion Week play and lip-sync along to the king of rock n' roll, Elvis Presley's, "A Little Less Conversation" while filming a series of montage videos of fashion industry folks shot by Justin Wu.

In his latest work, Jason collaborates with, while capturing a bunch of male models of the moment horseplaying around Milan and Paris. The video features itsnotyouitsme model of 2010 Francisco Lachowski, and regulars Sebastian Sauve, Jaco van den Hoven along with Brian Davenport, Anthon Wellsjo, Leebo Freeman, David Chiang, Sebastian Sauve, Jonathan Marquez, Sasha M'Baye, Tobias Sorensen, Paolo Roldan, Isaac Carew, Robbie Wadge, the Sampaio twins, Jaco van den Hoven, Peter Bruder, Adrian Cardoso, Jakub Zelman, Nikola Jovanovic, Thomas Hoffnagels, Nils Butler, Thiago Santos, Vladimir Ivanov, Andre Feulner, Julian Schratter, Martin Langreve, Berthold Rothas and many many more.

Catch all the fun and playful silliness below!

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