Terry Richardson & Jessica Stam Team Up

Terry Richardson & Jessica Stam team up for one yummy Mercedes-Benz commercial! Model Jessica Stam portrays what seems to be a femme fatale like spy of some sort making it her mission to retrieve a new Benz A-Class. For me, it's very reminiscent a la Michelle Phieffer as Catwoman in the greatest Batman film trilogy of the 90's, 'Batman Returns'.

Terry Richardson directs Jessica in hot pink stilleto's and a minidress while she shake rattles and rolls (literally) underneath a closing garage door. She ends the commcercial stroking the Mercedes A-Class in a beautifully seductive manner that would make the bluest of skies blush. Jessica looks simply s'wonderful.

Revel in all the hot smokin' advertising below kiddas.

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman in "Batman Returns".

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