Friday, May 6, 2011

Tommy Hilfiger's Pop-Up Fantasy Has Finally Landed

Complete with Ducks, Tote bag's, and M&M's...Tommy Hilfiger finally unleashed his "Preppy world pop-up house tour" we told you about a few months back. Landing in NYC's Meat Packing district, you can scope out the Americana style which reflects the American identity according to the likes of Mister Hillfiger of course.

Inside the pop-up house, you'll discover a tiny exhibition with items associated to designer's repertoire. In partnership with author Lisa Birnbach, whom is responsible for writing the book "The Prep World", you'll find things for both women and men to desire.

The collection includes 60 pieces and if you find yourself wandering around the NYC area, you may wanna swing by "Little West on 12th Street" to scope out all the astonishment for yourself. Heaven knows I would. Whether it's your cup of tea or not, how can you resist in the name of appreciation for art and fashion this stellar pop-up shop? But than again, there are true lovers of fashion and then there are the casual followers.

The exhibition ends in New York on May 8, and will continue on in L.A., London, and plenty more other cities.

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