Saturday, May 7, 2011

Itsnotyouitsme Report 64: Things to Know

Photobucket "Riccardo Tisci’s Visionaire Costs $495: But it shows Lara Stone tied up to a burning cross and the issue comes in a wooden box. That’s totally worth it." - via

Photobucket A one-time stripper in the past, actor Channing Tatum is set to strip for director Steven Soderburgh.
- via

Photobucket Daphne Guiness Is A TRUE Fashionista In All Sense Of The Word. - via

Photobucket Get All The Behind Scenes Action Of The Met Ball Gala! - via

Photobucket Wowza! This Is A Whole Lotta Money Your Trying To Acquire Sony! "The Australian reports that producer MGM and distributor Sony will work to procure $45 million in product placement advertising in the new James Bond film, shattering the previous record of $20 million in "Minority Report." - via

Photobucket "Quentin Tarantino is coming back home to America and entering one of the darkest times in its history for his next major film." - via

Photobucket The 2011 Tony Award Nominations Are In And See Which Of Your Favorites Made The Ballot. - via

Photobucket Britney Spears Prepares Some Yummy Homemade Sweet Tea For Her Boys. - via

Photobucket Make Way for Darwing Duck....I Mean For That Duckling! A Different Take On David And Goliath. - via

Photobucket "Inside the Costume Institute Gala: You’ve seen all of the red carpet photos, but Vogue‘s WIlliam Norwich takes you inside the Met for the exclusive party." - via

Photobucket "John Galliano Fired His Lawyer: Rumors that Galliano’s lawyer, Stephane Zerbib, had quit are false. He was actually fired due to “irregularities” in his firm’s handling of Galliano’s financial affairs. That’s never good." - via

Photobucket "Edward Enniful’s Vision for W Magazine: Expect the new fashion and style editor to give his editorials a narrative and to feature more young designers alongside the big brands." - via

Photobucket "Pierre Cardin to Sell His Label: The 88-year-old French designer is putting his label up for sale in an attempt to ensure that the brand outlives him, though he plans to stay on as creative director. The asking price is $1.46 billion". - via

Photobucket "Galliano Hired a New Lawyer: Aurélien Hamelle at Metzner Associés in Paris is Galliano’s new legal representative. The High Court in France will set his trial date on May 12." - via

Photobucket "The New “It” Bags Are Super Expensive But Don’t Look It: The new trend in handbags is towards utilitarian bags that no one recognizes as “designer.” At designer prices. Sweet." - via

Photobucket Alexander McQueen: A Savage Beauty. See Him Roar!!!The Met’s Costume Institute Complete With Full Photo Gallery. - via

Photobucket Pippa Middleton Knows Where The Real Parties At! - via

Photobucket "Knockoffs at Tiffany’s: Tiffany & Co. has a new collection of jewelry that resembles a thin twisted rope tied into a dainty bow. The company is usually the victim of counterfeit goods, but this time, it looks like Tiffany’s might be the culprit. The designs share a strikingly close resemblance to Brooklyn-based designer Kiel Mead’s collection of “Forget Me Not” accessories that he first produced in 2005." - via

Photobucket "Anna Wintour Rejects Beyonce’s Invitation to Dance: The singer and Jay Z apparently tried to pull a P.Diddy and take the editrix out for a spin on the dance floor at the Met Gala, but Wintour wasn’t having it. We’re sure Anna just didn’t want to intimidate Beyonce with her killer moves." - via

Photobucket "Kate Moss Gets an Exhibit in New York: Beginning on May 17th, the Danziger Projects gallery in New York will transform into a Kate Moss shrine. The exhibit, The Moss Portfolio and Other Stories, will feature 11 famous portraits of the model as well as images of Moss before she was famous." - via

Photobucket Kate Middleton will travel across land and sea as she makes her first trip to America this upcoming July. - via

Photobucket "Hilary Duff DROPPED from ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ movie!" - via

Photobucket Brad Pitt Plays Nice. - via

Photobucket What's Worse Than A Cat Peeing On Your Vehicle Kiddas? - via

Photobucket Silly Dog! - via

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